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Announcing the Launch Velocirepraptor.com, a Website for Tech Geeks

Last updated Wednesday, September 29, 2021 14:09 ET , Source: Velocirepraptor

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Peter Prampton, the creator of Velocirepraptor.com is pleased to announce the launch of his new website. This is an exclusive blog site for tech geeks featuring articles in categories: Home Tech, Phones & Gadgets, and Programming & Software. From interesting articles such as The Complete History of Emojis to Educative articles such as Learning code: Where to Start, Peter covers a wide range of topics from the world of technology. Little did people know that Emojis would become the new punctuations. People are expressing their emotions through Emojis and they have proved again and again that these small faces could have a huge impact and influence on people. Peter Prampton takes readers through the history of Emojis, when it started and how they evolved in this digital age.

The latest post is about Learning Code and where to start. This is for students and individuals who are pursuing their interest in coding. It is natural to get frustrated when it comes to learning to code. There are innumerable websites, videos, guides, and software that make it all the more difficult. Learners find it daunting to choose the right source. It is not as simple as it seems as coding comes with a significant learning curve. This post is a guide that helps people prepare themselves for coding and the right time to start.

The author provides step by step guide which includes starting with the basics, choosing a language, practicing writing code, join a coding community, finding a good tutor, and get hands-on experience with programming. Peter also suggests students make use of popular online courses available on platforms such as Udacity, Code Academy, Treehouse, and Khan Academy. He also suggests students find a meetup closest to their area through Meetup.com. Programming is often underrated by those who do not belong to the field. Those who belong would agree that the machines, gadgets, and devices that people use on a regular basis run through codes and programming.

Students who want to make the most of the Covid situation can upgrade their skills and learn new technologies and tools using the above sources. These are the popular picks from The Praptor’s page. There are other interesting articles on Elon Musk’s Neuralink which shows a monkey playing pong with its mind, how a CPU works for beginners, all about DPC watchdog violation, the world of bionic implants, and how they are allowing people to feel touch through robotic arms, and many other posts from the beginning of the year 2021. Peter Prampton plans to expand the news category and bring the latest happenings from the world of technology.

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Velocirepraptor was started by Peter Prampton who was popular as “The Praptor” in middle school and so the name on the website. Three years ago, Peter moved from the UK to the USA to pursue a career in Game Design. Besides compiling codes, Peter likes to spend time writing informative articles on this page.



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