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Chicago, IL Chicago Sports Therapy Experts, In Motion, Suggests That Getting Back To Working Out Should Be Done Slowly

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InMotion, one of the leading Chicago physical therapy clinics, suggests that people returning to the gym and daily workout routines take a slow start to avoid injuries.

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As COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted across the US, gyms are opening back up, and with it, a growing number of people are eager to get back into their daily workout routine. However, performance physical therapy experts at In Motion, caution people against trying to exercise the way they did before. Many people have been out of the gym for at least 11 months; that’s a long time, and working out the way they did could lead to injuries because the body isn’t used to the heavy workload. Furthermore, it could also cause burnout and chronic fatigue. 

One of the things that people returning to the gym should do is put the time in to stretch and warm up. Let’s face it: the majority of people have probably added a few pounds, and without the strenuous exercises they were used to over the prolonged lockdowns, there is a loss of stamina and muscle mass. 

In Motion Physical Therapy
In Motion Physical Therapy

While many people, depending on their age, can regain a lot of what they lost in terms of muscle mass and stamina, it can take up to six months. It is during that time people working out should remain motivated, take it slow and ensure that stretching along with a healthy diet is part of the routine. 

People who are getting back to running also need to work on preventing running injury. Most people reading this have had a sedentary lifestyle for a good part of 11 months. That’s why running is something most people weren’t doing unless they had a treadmill at home. People getting back to running should start with a brisk walk for the first few days, then transition to jogging and finally running. 

Anyone who experiences strange pain or a muscle pull should visit a certified physical therapist. Most issues resolve themselves within a few days, especially if it is muscle pain. However, other issues shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

InMotion, one of the leading Chicago physical therapy clinics
InMotion - Chicago physical therapy clinics

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“Sore muscles are perfectly normal. Many people returning to the weight room after an extensive hiatus can expect to experience some muscle soreness for up to three weeks and maybe more, depending on how they exercise. Also, many people will experience fatigue. It isn’t unusual to require more sleep once you get back to working out because the body is working on repairing itself. That’s why if your body is too sore from working out and you need more sleep, you’re better off sleeping off the fatigue for a few more hours to recover. Recovering from a workout is also key to avoiding injury.” Said one of the certified physical therapists working for In Motion. 

She added, “It is important that those returning to the gym and especially the weight room start with warming up their body. Add some initial cardio to get some sweat going before lifting weights. Speaking of weights, you’ll want to start light.”

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