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Fit After 50 Reviews: Does It Work? What to Know Before Buying - Enumclaw Courier-Herald

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Find out detailed information about the Fit Over 50 program, designed by a renowned fitness coach, including effective exercises and nutrition plans.

Fit Over 50

Designed for the more mature gentleman, the Fit After 50 program, , includes exercises and meal planning for men needing guidance with their fitness and nutrition routines. It is often more of a challenge for older men to participate effectively in popular workout programs.

As a result, they risk unhealthy weight gain. The Fit After 50 program guarantees a healthier lifestyle for the more mature individual.

Bodily functions, strength, and stamina are all negatively affected by the aging process. There can be a marked change for an individual crossing into the 50+ category. Since many bodily changes occur simultaneously, many people can struggle to ensure a healthy balance.

Muscle gain can be affected by an overall decrease in testosterone production. The American Urological Association states that men now have lower testosterone levels than a decade ago due to diet and lifestyle changes.

Lower testosterone levels can also affect a lower sex drive, inability to concentrate, and a decline in metabolism. As a result, men are at greater risk for erectile dysfunction, diabetes type II, heart diseases, etc.

Fit over 50 at a Glance

The 50+ male needs to ensure that muscle loss does not become a problem and hormone levels are balanced. How does one achieve this realistically? The Fit After 50 program is said to be the...

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