Saturday, October 23, 2021

Johnson says government cannot 'magic up' solutions to help farming industry – politics live - MSN UK

Last updated Tuesday, October 5, 2021 13:55 ET , Source: NewsService

Asked about the problems facing pig producers, he told the BBC:

What you can't do is government can't magic up changes to their systems overnight.

We've got to have much simpler protocols so that not everything on a woman's phone can be disclosed. He said:

Over recent days, I've been in detailed discussions with the home secretary about how we must urgently do everything necessary to rebuild trust and confidence in the police - in London and across the country.

Boris and I have worked intensively with every institution with a responsibility to protect our borders

Border Force, the police, the National Crime Agency, maritime experts, and yes, the military

To deliver operational solutions

Including new sea tactics, which we are working to implement, to turn back the boats.

Since I became home secretary, cross-government funding to tackle these abhorrent crimes has trebled in relation to any other two-year period.

This government will always back the brave men and women of our police.

After eleven years of Tory government, court backlogs have reached record levels, violence and self-harm in prisons have soared, rape convictions have plummeted, and many women have lost confidence in the criminal justice system.

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