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Calgary, Alberta Nova Shield Offers Professional Roof Rejuvenation Services

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As the leading roof rejuvenation and repair company in Calgary, Nova Shield has been providing great services to homeowners to help their home look the best.

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Taking care of your roof means knowing what it needs at each moment. You don’t have to be an expert on knowing the difference between repair or outright roof replacement, but there are a few indicators of which option is going to be ideal for your situation.

Choosing between repair or rejuvenation for your roof ultimately comes down to the condition of the roof, your current budget, and several other factors we’re going to cover here.

How Old Is Your Roof?

One of the first things that will help you to decide between roof replacement or roof rejuvenation will be the age of the roof itself.

If you know when the roof was installed, great! You can compare the material that was used to create your roof with the age of the roof itself, and that can give you a clear indication of whether to choose repair or replacement. The age of the roof can also tell you how expensive repairs might be.

Is The Roof Leaky?

If you’ve got yourself dealing with a leaky roof, should you immediately have that roof replaced? Can you get by on professional roof repair services instead?

It really depends.

A minor leak obviously doesn’t mean your roof needs to be replaced. However, if your leaky roof also includes rotted frames/sheathing, a damaged ceiling, or even the presence of mold, you will need to think seriously about replacement. This is also why it is an imperative to have a leaky roof fixed up IMMEDIATELY!

How Bad Is The Damage?

This is a fairly open-ended question. A professional roofing contractor will ultimately be the one who can tell you the answer to this question in no uncertain terms.

Nonetheless, rusted panels or shingles, missing, dented, or cracked components, or even just a roof that looks substantially worn down can all be indicators that replacement work is necessary. Repairs can be possible in any of these situations, but the contractor you hire will have to be the one who helps you make the final call.

What Is My Budget?

Our final suggestion for choosing between replacement or roof rejuvenation comes down to your budget. How much do you have to spend?

A new roof might be a nice idea, but it may not be the most realistic one at that particular moment. Again, this is where a professional can really be helpful. They can inspect the roof carefully, before advising you on the possibility of repairs to keep the roof going for a couple more years.

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