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The week ahead in Parliament - BBC News

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It's a week of hard legislating and harder politics as MPs return to Westminster.

There will doubtless be the usual crop of government statements and urgent questions about developments over the recess, and the aftershocks of the joint health and science committees' report on the handling of the pandemic will run through the week - not least in Tuesday's debate on the renewal of the Coronavirus Act.

With the COP 26 climate conference looming, ministers face some awkward decisions about whether to accept or reject a series of Lords amendments to the Environment Bill (see below), with the risk of damaging their own green credentials in the midst of the international negotiations.

Expect plenty of questions about this month's Spending Review - or rather bids for funding in the guise of questions - to be a regular feature of the next couple of weeks, as with Labour peer Lord Cashman's question on HIV funding on Tuesday.

And the week ends with a brace of controversial private members' bills, one each in the Commons and the Lords. Here's my rundown of the week ahead.

Monday 18 October

The Commons reconvenes (14:30 BST) for Home Office Questions, doubtless to be followed by some post-recess updates from ministers, and maybe some urgent questions.

The main legislative action is the second reading of the Judicial Review and Courts Bill, a major measure that makes a variety of important changes to the operation of the justice system.

These include abolishing so-called "Cart"...

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