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Right now, essay mills aren’t technically illegal, but that’s all about to change. If you’re a student, here’s why essay mills are problematic, and five alternative ways you can get help with your studies this year.

What are essay mills?

Essay mills are essay writing services. Students pay writers to draft assignments for them such as essays and dissertations. These writers might also edit student-written essays, which sometimes means rewriting significant chunks of the assignment, for a fee.

Many essay writing services tell students not to ‘pass off’ any work they pay for as their own. Instead, they should use the content to help them understand the course a bit better.

The problem? Students can still technically submit someone else’s work as their own. So, although they’re not illegal yet, essay mills could encourage cheating and plagiarism, which is why the Department for Education (DfE) plans to ban essay mills in the near future.

What are the alternatives to essay mills?

Are you still tempted by essay writing services? Don’t be! There are plenty of ways you can get help with your studies rather than relying on essay mills. Here are five other options.

1. Contact your tutor

Always contact your tutor or lecturer if you’re struggling to write essays at college or university level. They can steer you towards tools that might help you, such as free grammar courses, proofreading guides, essay writing tools or appropriate subject textbooks.

Simply send your tutor or...

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