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Mexico, the best destination to have a baby: Ingenes Institute CDMX

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A unique opportunity: Ingenes pays for your Initial Program

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According to figures from Medical Tourism Association, medical treatments in Mexico, such as cardiology, cosmetic, surgery, ophthalmology, oncology and dentistry, among other specialties, are between 40 and 80% cheaper than in other countries, which places it at second place in Medical Tourism worldwide, only behind Thailand.

In addition, the medical specialists in Mexico have studies from the best universities in the United States and other parts of the world, which allows them to guarantee quality services. All this is the main reason why more than 80% of tourists go directly to Mexico to have medical treatments.

For its part, the specialty of Reproductive Biology is also gaining strength, thanks to the fact that Assisted Reproduction treatments in Mexico are not only more affordable, but also have shown results, bringing thousands of babies to the world.

A destination with no comparison

More and more foreigners are seeking medical attention in Mexico, mostly from the United States and Canada.

Thanks to the infrastructure and the capacity of its professionals, Mexico takes advantage to consolidate itself as a destination without comparison, since it not only offers the best quality medical services, but also incredible places for any tourist to enjoy.

Currently, some medical services in Mexico seek to approach abroad to have greater visibility and demonstrate that there are strong and solid reasons why health professionals are among the best in the world, as is the case of Ingenes, the leading Institute of Fertility and Genetics in Latin America.

Motherhood without borders

Assisted Reproductive technologies have become an innovative solution for women and couples experiencing fertility problems and even for female couples that want to become moms.

One of the most recognized specialties in Mexico is Reproduction Biology, meaning specialists in charge of carrying out Human Reproduction treatments, which are too expensive in other parts of the world.

Ingenes recently opened doors in San Diego (California) and McAllen (Texas) and plans to open more soon, to become an excellent quality option and affordable at the same time in Assisted Reproduction treatments in the US.

Opportunities to seize

Assisted Reproduction treatments generally require a significant economic investment, especially those of high complexity, such as In Vitro Fertilization, therefore, the programs offered by the institute give the option of reducing costs because its laboratories in Mexico are used as part of the process, meaning, patients begin the treatments in the US and a part of it is carried out in Mexico, thanks to the fact that its facilities have the highest quality standards, besides the use of NASA technology to give the best care to patients.

This is what allows reducing costs compared to those that clinics have in the US, which has also been key as part of the treatment, because it also gives patients a chance to clear their minds and take a break in one of its amazing places while they continue in their process.

In addition to having multicycle In Vitro Fertilization programs, which aim to increase the chances of having a baby up to 96%.

Mexico has many reasons to be second place in Medical Tourism worldwide, and everyone should know them.

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