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Trade Shows Have Returned - How to Design a Trade Show Flyer That Stands Out

Last updated Friday, October 29, 2021 15:21 ET , Source: Mid American Printing Systems

Trade shows are finally returning across the US, as COVID-19 restrictions are being gradually lifted. keys to a successful tradeshow with record turnout is a professional flyer design that stands out.

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Trade shows are finally returning, and commercial printers like MidAmerican Printing Systems, Inc are starting to educate business owners about flyer design. According to the company with years of experience with direct mail printing and mailing, professional trade show flyer design is one of the keys to success. The company, as of late, also published a blog post detailing how a trade show flyer should be designed for maximum impact. If anything, it is a must-read for anyone in the business of planning or organizing trade shows.

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The city’s leading printing company has said that bold means having more than just beauty; it requires selecting the right colors for the flyers. That means colors need to be bright enough to leave their mark. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the design shouldn’t be outlandish just because that’s what people think will stand out. However, it is essential to use colors that are relevant to the business or the tradeshow. One way to know what colors to use in the flyer is to take inspiration from the business’s logo. You’ll want to use contrasting or complementary hues like yellow and blue or purple etc. Alternatively, colors that are based on feelings or those that invoke emotions can be used. Yellow color, for instance, according to experts, uplifts the mood, with purple being associated with creative stimulation.

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Readers can go through the blog post in its entirety by visiting MidAmerican Printing System’s official website at https://www.midamericanprint.com/post/create-trade-show-flyer-pops.

“Whether it is a direct mail service company or a business flyer, when using a physical medium for communication, aka a flyer for a trade show, always make sure that the document stimulates the receipt physically. Having just a limp piece of paper isn’t going to cut it because it might as easily get tossed into the trash can. What you want to use are laminated flyers that are strong enough to withstand being rolled up. Business owners can further reinforce that sensation by embossing the page. Adding embossing to the flyer helps to increase the chances that the flyer is going to be read and even remembered. Alternatively, textured paper can also be used, which is ideal if you’re on a budget and want to go green, for instance.” Said one of the representatives who was part of drafting the blog post for the company’s blog.

She added, “Businesses already know that the quality of their flyers at trade shows is important. That’s why it is worth spending extra to ensure that your flyers give the recipient the impression that they are dealing with a strong company that cares about them. A good example is many of our flyers which have evolved greatly and happen to be one of the most successful marketing mediums for us.”

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MidAmerican Printing Systems has been serving the community since 1985. It is considered one of the most successful commercial printing services based in Chicago, IL. Today, the company is regarded as a one-stop solution for all things printing, mail-related, and for fulfillment projects. In fact, the company prides itself on catering to some of the most prominent and successful businesses in the city, including being the authorized printer for Underwriters Laboratories.

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