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Language Throne Updates Site with New Updates on Language Learning Apps

Last updated Monday, November 15, 2021 17:50 ET , Source: Language Throne

A Guide to Choosing the Best App to Learn a New Language as Hobby or as Requirement

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Language Throne is a place for all those who wish to learn new languages whether it is for recreational purposes or as a job requirement. “It is not a language learning website. It is an experience”, says Jasmine, the founder of Language Throne. The website offers the right resources that help people learn a new language fluently. Jasmine and her team spent thousands of hours compiling several resources available on the internet and shortlisting the best apps. Anyone can learn a new language and it doesn’t really have any prerequisites. Finding the right resource is always the problem. Locating them is the biggest task of all. It takes several hours of research on the internet.

Language Throne
Language Throne

Language Throne has done it on behalf of the visitors. They have collated useful information and resources all in one place. The team here offers honest and unbiased reviews. They do not have any association or agreement with these apps which means that visitors can be assured that the reviews are genuine. If something is bad in the app, they say it. And when an app is outstanding, they mention the same thing. They offer the best recommendations based on their research and testing on the most popular language apps.

Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and many other language apps are covered here. Whether it is learning to speak Spanish, which is the official language of 21 other countries in the world, or the Japanese translator apps while touring this beautiful country, these reviews are honest to the core. Learning a new language not only helps but also helps learn the culture, improve communication skills and add a new skill to the job resume. Many jobs prefer candidates who can speak and understand more than one language fluently. And this additional skill can always provide a competitive advantage amongst peers.

Language Throne

One of the recent reviews on the Drops App takes visitors through this app in detail. This language learning app has some fun games and memory exercises to improve vocabulary. Available for both Apple and Android, this app comes with a free and a subscription version. As per the reviewers, this might not be a comprehensive language learning tool but offers great vocabulary practice. The languages available in this app are Bosnian, Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Danish, French, British and American English, Hindi, Indonesian, Turkish, Sanskrit, and many more. The website is constantly updated with reviews and new apps are added daily for a better choice.

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About Language Throne

Language Throne was started by Jasmine Lopez, a language enthusiast who can speak many languages fluently. This is a resource center that lists out the best language learning apps from around the world. Jasmine and her team have conducted several hours of testing to bring together the best apps and resources for learning new languages.



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