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Risks in overplaying hand - Arkansas Online

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A new and frequent correspondent expressing true belief in modern Democratic progressivism has engaged me by struggling with a desire to continue appreciating my supposedly liberal columns even as I insist on offending him.

He can't resist writing with what seems to be carefully phrased concern and even frustration each time I express disdain for today's "progressive" Democratic impracticality.

That column the other day assailing extremist certitude and extolling glorious ambivalence ... he didn't mind that so much except that I pulled math out of the air and said 30 percent are certain on the far-right, 15 percent are certain on the far-left and everyone else is in a 55 percent majority of ambivalence that gets shouted down by the polarized political activists of both inordinately powerful fringes.

He figured he was in the 55 percent but didn't belong in any grouping with, say, Mitt Romney. He favored the Build Back Better program; center-right Republicans didn't. It was an ill-serving broad brush, he believed, that painted them the same.

For that matter, I had Romney and Barack Obama in the same 55 percent category, though they managed to be quite different in the presidential election of 2012.

That was precisely my point--that a center-right to center-left political group spanning Romney and Obama would serve America well if it could coalesce into governing pragmatism as it did with the bipartisan infrastructure bill that will do the basic work of roads and bridges...

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