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KISS PR Celebrates World AIDS Day 2021 with a KISS

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Leading Dallas SEO and Web Solutions provider, KISS PR, raises global HIV & AIDS awareness by celebrating World AIDS Day 2021 with their signature KISS branding.

Dallas, TX , United States, 11/30/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

With 79.3 million people becoming infected with HIV since it started, KISS PR wanted to raise awareness about this disease and support those currently fighting against it by turning its website background into the red on December 1. The signature KISS branding also becomes more visible on their website, and free publicity for businesses supporting the movement is also offered.

According to UNAIDS, women and girls accounted for 50% of all new HIV infections in 2020 but AIDS-related mortality has declined by 53% since 2010. For men and boys, the AIDS-related mortality rate has reduced by 41%.

Unfortunately, people with HIV have experienced more severe symptoms and have higher comorbidities from COVID-19 than those not living with HIV. Sadly, according to UNAIDS, most HIV patients did not have access to COVID-19 vaccines.

“In mid-2021, most people living with HIV did not have access to COVID-19 vaccines. Studies from England and South Africa have found that the risk of dying from COVID-19 among people with HIV was double that of the general population,” UNAIDS reported.

To show support to organizations and businesses raising AIDS awareness, KISS PR especially offers them no cost awareness that will be published on KISS PR News.

“This is one of the ways that we can create conversations and raise awareness about AIDS in the industry. We hope that this will somehow lessen the stigma patients have to go through because a lot of people are misinformed about it,” said Ana Khan, Director of Compliance at KISS PR.

Aside from free press releases, KISS PR also offers a weekly webinar for small businesses to train them on how to use press releases for marketing.

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