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Relevant beyond prison and pandemic: A career in incarceration studies - The Indian Express

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— Dr Josephine Metcalf

Though incarceration is often associated with imprisonment in jail or prison, the word has a host of contexts including historical slavery, pandemic lockdowns, and wartime camps, modern-day trafficking and even situations of domestic abuse.

Incarceration studies consider a range of these contexts and their cultures. Within such carceral environments, creativity has flourished in diverse ways, whether in songs, poetry, art or memoirs, and has been documented and represented further in film, music and photography.

Relevance in the modern world

Students of incarceration studies get to experience teaching, research and practical experiences that are linked by four ideas – culture, criminology, creativity, and community. As India develops its knowledge economy and moves away from a one size fits all education system, it places new value on critical thinking skills and passion, practicality and performance around learning.

As more students follow this study path it will lead to a wider variety of career opportunities as employers need to diversify the types of people they employ. These subjects will help drive innovation in the knowledge economy. Studying incarnation studies would have been unheard of even several years ago in India, but today presents graduates with a wealth of options for their future careers.

Four Cs of ‘big ideas’

The discipline is underpinned and interlinked by four Cs of ‘big ideas’ about incarceration: Culture, criminology,...

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