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Kimono Restaurant, Top Japanese Restaurant in Pleasanton CA Now Offering Online Ordering - Digital Journal

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Kimono Restaurant, the top Japanese restaurant in Pleasanton CA, is pleased to announce that they are now offering online ordering for their customers across Alameda County. The restaurant offers great food and great views for great people. The restaurant specializes in Teppanyaki cuisine which is a mix of fine cuisine and live entertainment thereby offering a gastronomic delight to the eyes and gourmet food to the table. Each and every ingredient that goes into the cuisine promises ultimate freshness and quality. These ingredients are used to prepare food right in front of the diners. Although this view will be missed in the online ordering process customers can be assured that the food will be amazing, authentic, and appetizing.

The website of the best Sushi restaurant in Pleasanton now features an extensive menu starting from the appetizers which consist of spicy seafood soup, kimono soup, and miso soup followed by a wide variety of tempuras, sautés, and salads. One should not miss the Kimono specialties and their six-course meal which consists of awesome steak & jumbo shrimp grilled to perfection. Kimono Duo and Ocean Wave are the popular dishes here. The menu is so delectable and huge that it would be very difficult to choose a meal.

Sushi Rolls are loved by many and there is no better way to enjoy the authentic taste than to order it from the best Japanese restaurant in Pleasanton, California. Dive into the sushi menu with over 30 flavors and menu options to choose from starting with Philly roll to Verkin roll, mobster roll to the dragon roll, and more. The sauces that are used for tasting are to die for. They are super delicious and speak Japanese with every drop. The food is prepared by top chefs who are not just experts at the cuisine but also an array of tricks performed at the grill.

The lavish menu of this top Japanese restaurant in Pleasanton CA also offers exclusive steak, chicken & seafood dishes, Sashimi & Nigiri dishes, an exclusive...

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