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Marathon Moving Solutions Announces Expansion of Service Areas for 2022 - Digital Journal

Last updated Friday, December 31, 2021 15:46 ET , Source: NewsService

12/31/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Marathon Moving Solutions, leading Harrisburg PA movers, are pleased to announce the expansion of services and service areas for 2022. This company has garnered a great reputation of excellence amongst its client group. They have successfully served thousands of satisfied residents of Central PA who have experienced hassle-free moves. The licensed and insured Harrisburg moving company is a locally owned and operated service provider serving South Central Pennsylvania. What makes this company the best in class is its positive and customer-centric approach towards each and every move backed by an open line of communication and honest pricing. Their goal is to make each and every move a stress-free one whether it is a residential move or a corporate move.

The Harrisburg PA movers are known for their reliable and prompt services. Over the many years of experience, these movers have understood that time is of great value not just for them but for their customers too. From the time they arrive at the site to the time they deliver the belongings to the new location, all the tasks are completed. The company operates with dedicated resources including their transportation and logistics. All the customer belongings are transported in clean and well-maintained vehicles. The interstate moves are covered by Binding Estimates and customers will not find any shocking additions to their bill at the time of delivery.

The mover in Harrisburg is equipped to handle every part of the move including packing, disassembling the furniture, loading, and unloading. The people who transport the items are professional, qualified, well-trained, and most importantly background verified. With an aim to make each and every move simple and free of stress, they follow the same guidelines irrespective of how big or how small the move could be. The company hires full-time employees and hence can guarantee on-time services at all times. From regular packing services to partial packing services for...

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