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Reltime Announces Two New IEO on P2PB2B and IndoEx

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Reltime is all set to launch its Initial Exchange offering on two platforms P2PB2B and IndoEx. The Reltime DeFi Ecosystem is a global financial service controlled entirely by end-users. Reltime was founded by a team in Norway, El Salvador, Canada, and India. Reltime started out as a project at King’s College London in 2018. Built on trust, performance, and security, the Reltime DeFi (Decentralised Finance) Ecosystem is owned, backed, and supported by the world’s leading financial partners, for example, TAG Systems and FSS Tech will help bring the platform to the mass market.

Reltime offers direct P2P and M2P lending, borrowing, free remittance, and joint-account services are available to users here, and they are backed by industry experts throughout the world. The Ecosystem creates its own Reltime PoA (Proof of Authority) protocol, which is a blockchain technology that allows for speedier transactions by using an identity-based consensus process. Reltime has been developing the platform with the aid of global organizations since 2018 in order to provide the service as the first true banking offering based on Blockchain-based Smart Contracts and dApps.

FRODE VAN DER LAAK is the inventor of the PoA and the Ecosystem of Reltime. Frode, with an MSc in Software and System Security at the University of Oxford, MPhil in the Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Science, and a Pending Ph.D. from King’s College London in DLT. He brings enormous value to the Reltime team by bridging distributed ledger with user efficiency interests, as well as inventing patented and patent-pending to promote convenience in a telecommunication environment and DLT environment. Have filled over 15 patents. Reltime will go public on a regulated exchange, where it will continue to develop new innovations, file patents, and incorporate new technology. Reltime will distribute investor funds based on escrow and evidence from the investor workshop. This workshop is part of Reltime’s request for...

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