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Help Your Child Land Their Dream School with GuideU's Personalized College Counseling - Woodlands Online

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THE WOODLANDS, TX -- GuideU offers personalized college counseling services for grades 8-12 in Montgomery County, including Comprehensive College Planning, Application Assistance for College Deadlines, and Degree Plan Course Work Review. Owner, Amy Hollie, has over 18 years of experience in public and private education. Her career background and local knowledge set GuideU apart from larger, less personal companies, as does her unmatched dedication to the students and families she works with.

Amy received her BA in Operations Management from Auburn University. She transferred into the world of education when she became a sixth grade math teacher, educating within the classroom for thirteen years. She continued her education at University of St Thomas where she earned her M.Ed. in School Counseling, later building upon her specialized knowledge by working as a school counselor for several years. College counseling had always been a dream niche for Hollie; a passion that was solidified after she worked with students one-on-one as a high school college counselor.

“I took that opportunity and learned so much,” Amy said. “For a year I just visited with college admissions reps from all over the United States and picked their brains; ‘Tell me a little bit more about what makes your university so unique. What is the ideal student for a campus like yours? What are the things that you want us to communicate to parents when they're talking to us about their student wanting to apply?’...

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