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JKPSC KAS 2021 exam: 10 important tips to crack the exam - The Indian Express

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The Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC) will conduct the main examination of the Kashmir Administrative Services (KAS) 2021 on February 14. Candidates who have successfully cleared the preliminary examination are now eligible to write the main examination.

With the examination date at hand, it is essential to boost up the preparation for the exam. So, here are ten tips and tricks that are expected to help the aspirants in their preparation.

– Answer writing is a very important part of the main exam as candidates have to write essays for eight papers. Toppers have suggested not to follow the NCERT answer writing format as it sticks to the senior-secondary level. Rather, candidates must practice writing answers that are crisp, clear, and crystal.

– For papers that require a bit of technicality and factual knowledge, like Geography, the candidate should try to provide as much data to support their answers as possible. In the case of Geography, they can include a map, flow chart, etc. on every single page. It is advised to practice explaining a particular concept using a flow chart as well.

– In addition, one should maintain the ideal style of writing an essay, i.e. by including the introduction, body, and essay. However, try to put maximum diagrams, charts, flowcharts, etc. in the body itself.

– Furthermore, the conclusion of the essays should be in relation to the question asked. For instance, if the question is on ecology, then the conclusion must be...

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