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Teacher: 'Omicron Is Truly Bringing Education to Its Knees' (Opinion) - Education Week

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(This is the second post in a three-part series. You can see Part One here.)

The new question-of-the-week is:

What are you doing—or trying to do—to sustain your morale and the morale of your students in the face of Omicron? What are you doing—or trying to do—to sustain any kind of learning momentum you had built up before the winter break?

In Part One, teachers Bill Ivey, Sarah Cooper, and Amber Chandler shared their thoughts during this first week back from winter break.

Today, Tairen McCollister, M.A., M.Ed., Alice Mercer, and Andrew Simmons contribute their responses.

It Is a Season of ‘Lack’

Tairen McCollister has taught all grade levels, including higher education. She is currently in her 14th year of teaching high school English and as an adjunct professor at university. She is a trauma-informed educator, SEL advocate, diversity and equity coordinator, and children’s author and podcast host (The Namaste Stories) with a passion for meeting the needs of the whole child:

Omiricon is truly bringing education to its knees. It is a season of “lack.” There is a lack of proactivity at times, a lack of consideration, a lack of consistency, and a lack of accountability. Students are tired. They are exhausted. They are in need, and rightfully so, they are not totally focused on education.

In an attempt to provide what students, no matter the circumstances, need in order to learn, I have tried to show structure, stability, and allow a safe space for processing and navigating...

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