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Quit watching that TV show! You don't like it, so why bother? - CNET

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Yes, I watched the original Dexter series. All of it. I watched it past the point of enjoyment, including most of the final season's 12 episodes, even after it was clear to me the new season sucked. I had already invested a lot of time into it, so I hung on. I shouldn't have. I don't really do New Year's resolutions, but I have one for 2022 and I'm determined to keep it: I will no longer fear the stop button.

I'd already been tossing around the idea of turning off movies, shows or series that aren't doing it for me when I came across a thread on Reddit's LifeProTips subreddit that articulated my thoughts: "LPT: Stop watching movies/series you don't like. Don't feel obligated to watch them all to the end. There are too many bad movies/series out there, just start a new one or do something else."

LifeProTips is a place where people give each other advice, and it seems this thread hit a nerve, logging nearly 42,000 upvotes and over 3,600 comments. I'm not the only one who has a sunk-cost relationship with media. "Argh. It's like when shows that were initially good, start turning into crap. You've invested this much time watching this show, you just wanna see it end. Thank God Walking Dead is finally wrapping up," wrote one Reddit user.

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