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Hodl4Gold Launch Reaches $10 Million Market Cap in 10 Minutes, Announces NFT Marketplace

Last updated Tuesday, January 11, 2022 12:05 ET , Source: Hodl4Gold

The token follows up an impressive trading debut with the announcement of its upcoming platform and an inaugural collection of 196 “Gold Hodler” generative art NFTs.

Austin, Texas, 01/11/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

Hodl4Gold ($H4G), a 13% BUSD passive rewards token on the Binance Smart Chain network, launched Wednesday, Jan 5th on Pinksale and PancakeSwap, capping off months of public anticipation by hitting $10 million in market cap in under ten minutes, reaching a daily volume of $1.842 million and over 1100 holders within its first 24 hours of trading. H4G’s “Gold Hodlers” saw the coin’s record-setting pace continue through its inaugural weekend, surging to nearly $15 million in total market cap, while paying out over $500,000 in rewards and airdrops to 1600+ holders in its first five days.

Early holders will get the chance to mint a rare “Gold Hodler” NFT (limited to 196).

Unlike other DeFi projects with interminably prolonged roadmaps, H4G is intent on changing the BSC space immediately, with multiple utilities live at launch, including an in-browser NFT minting dApp to complement its forthcoming marketplace. The cost to mint an NFT onHodl4Gold.com is 0.02 BNB – about $10 – a fraction of the price offered on platforms like OpenSea and TofuNFT, which can charge up to hundreds of dollars in equivalent tokens for a single minting. H4G aims to democratize the NFT market by creating a one-stop platform for everyone – users will be able to mint their own NFTs via the H4G dApp, then sell, stake, or lend their bespoke collection within the integrated marketplace. Built on the BSC network, H4G offers all artists the opportunity to monetize their work, without the high barrier of entry associated with the costs of networks like Ethereum. The NFT marketplace launch will feature several collections of limited-edition generative art, as well as a community for creators to showcase their digital artwork.

With a full suite of dApps planned beyond the NFT marketplace, including a DEX, reflection token launchpad, and play-to-earn games, the H4G team is hyper-focused on creating a robust, user-friendly ecosystem to generate revenue and drive daily transaction volume. In addition to the 1% auto-burn included in every transaction, all profits from utilities are used to buy back and burn H4G, increasing the inherent value per coin. In the last five days since launch, Hodl4Gold has burned over 8 trillion tokens, just shy of 1% of its total circulating supply.

1% of all transactions also go to fund a weekly lotto drawing, with five winners selected every week. The current prize pool (v1) totals over 88 BNB ($37,000) and counting. The first drawing will take place Friday, Jan 14th. Hodlers must have held a total of 10 billion tokens for at least five days to be eligible.

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