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How to Get the Best Moped for Sale in the UK at Affordable Prices

Last updated Monday, January 17, 2022 20:29 ET , Source: direct bikes uk ltd

Mopeds for sale by Direct Bikes are easily available online with irresistible pricing options

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Getting a moped means a lot. It not only shortens the distance that you travel from one place to another but helps you in the case of emergency or crisis-like situations. Whether you are a student, professional, kid or housewife—every family needs to have at least one or two mopeds to commute from one place to another independently and without depending upon public transport or cabs.

According to an estimate, you can reduce your travel hours up to 50% plus by owning and riding an independent moped instead of opting for a public transport facility, which is often marred by congestion and abrupt timings. Moreover, travelling on two-wheelers, including mopeds and scooters is eco-friendly and affordable. The road tax for owning such a gadget costs you just £20 but comes with a free parking option too in several spots across London.

When it comes to two-wheelers, you can buy a moped, scooter, or bike. But mopeds are usually the most suitable option for almost anyone because of their affordable price range and easy-to-operate engines. Mopeds offer around 25-MPH or slight more with their 50-CC engines.

If you are looking for a moped for sale, source it directly from Direct Bikes. The company is famous for delivering high-quality and advanced mopeds to its customers at the most compelling price. It buys all mopeds directly from the manufacturers without any involvement of middlemen in the supply chain. Thus, it helps the customers buy their favourite mopeds at an affordable price.

Customers can choose their favourite moped for sale online and book an order for the same. The company will deliver that moped to the customer’s door. All mopeds and scooters will come with a warranty of one year as per the company policies and terms and conditions. Direct Bikes charges around £100 as its delivery fee for transporting mopeds to customers in England and Wales. All mopeds are simple to use and come in attractive colours and features.

However, as far as the current pandemic-induced situation is concerned, the fee is worth paying for because the customer doesn’t have to hop from one showroom to another in search of their desired moped model. It minimizes the level of interaction with other people, and thus reduces your chance of getting COVID-19.

Also, the showroom price of any item is usually far higher than online stores because of the maintenance charges and involvement of a lot of middlemen in the logistics.

As a beginner, you can buy 50-CC Retro, 50-CC Sports or 50-CC Ninja and enjoy a moderate speed while riding through the city. But you can opt for an advanced 125-CC Spyder or 125-CC Cruiser for a high-speed ride. We recommend everyone follow the traffic rules and regulations and maintain all safety guidelines as prescribed by the law while riding scooters or mopeds throughout the UK.

Mopeds for sale by Direct Bikes are easily available online with irresistible pricing options. You can buy a high-quality moped for sale from Direct Bikes at as low as just £1399 only.

Most importantly, you can start riding your moped or scooter without any need of getting a full license. However, you may still have to complete other necessary provisions like getting moped insurance, displaying L plates, and a valid identity proof indicating that you are above 16 years.

All mopeds and scooters available on Direct Bikes are street legal. You can ride them throughout the streets of the UK if you fulfil the basic legal criteria, which involves getting insurance, paying road tax, and also the legal age provision along with other rules and regulations. If you miss any of the above rules, you may be convicted and can face criminal charges.

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