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The Most Rewatchable Sitcoms Of All Time - Looper

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There's something truly majestic about the sitcom (short for situational comedy). These shows often feature ordinary people in typical American careers, and plenty of housewives, salesmen, policemen, and bartenders have been at the center of many a classic American sitcom. As Looper's own Chris Hinton explains, "Sitcoms help us escape by embracing the mundane: In watching someone else's life, we take a break from our own and learn to appreciate what we have anew."

Another wonderful thing about the world of sitcoms is that they often run under half an hour, typically reaching that 21-23 minute sweet spot, making them a delightful change of pace from all of the heavy, hour-long prestige dramas that dominate the television landscape. With such an enormous amount of television available, It can be incredibly difficult to choose what to watch; to make things easier, we've put together a list of the finest sitcoms in TV history, so please enjoy reading about the most rewatchable sitcoms of all time, and may many happy hours of viewing be in your future.

I Love Lucy

One of the earliest sitcoms, "I Love Lucy" premiered on CBS October 15, 1951, and ran for six seasons and 180 episodes, quickly establishing itself as a titan of television. The show's popularity was truly unrivaled. It even earned a monumental, record-setting 67.3 Nielsen rating – which meant approximately 67% of Americans were tuning in — during its second season on the air.

Looking back, it's easy to see why "I Love Lucy" is so endlessly watchable. The show was the first to focus on an interracial relationship, between lead actress Lucille Ball's Lucy and Cuban Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz), who was also Ball's real-life husband. The program took great pleasure in breaking taboos and creating a groundbreaking experience, like making Ball the first pregnant actress to play a pregnant woman on television.

Lucy is one of TV's most enduring characters. Her constant forays into chaos are eternally watchable, and with an enormously gifted supporting cast, the show is utterly irresistible.

The Andy Griffith Show

After "I Love Lucy" dominated CBS throughout the '50s, "The Andy Griffith Show" aired from 1960 to 1968 for eight seasons, and a behemoth 249 episodes, on the same network. Andy Griffith stars as Andy Taylor, sheriff of the fictional small town Mayberry, North Carolina. One of the series' most memorable supporting characters was Barney Fife, the rather incompetent but always well-intentioned...

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