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CryptoRunner the first Run-To-Earn NFT Game Set to reward Gamers in $BNB

Last updated Tuesday, January 25, 2022 12:05 ET , Source: CryptoRunner

CryptoRunner is a 3D first-person endless runner game for PCs & mobile devices which uses the accelerometer to control the character.

Dallas, Texas, 01/25/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

Launched January 2022, CryptoRunner - the first Run-to-Earn game in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem - is set to spearhead mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming. CryptoRunner is inspired by the popular SubwaySurfers game and comes with a plethora of advantages and features for the end users.

The run-to-earn NFT game accommodates players of all skill sets. CryptoRunner is set to emerge Top amongst NFT projects by year end. The project has already become extremely popular among NFT lovers and blockchain enthusiasts.

CryptoRunner is one of the easiest Play-To-Earn NFT games; in the already developed 2D version, each user needs to own a minimum amount of $RUN tokens to commence, while In the 3D version of the game, each user needs to own at least one(1) NFT to access the game, users then compete to be ranked among the top 100 players on the leaderboard every week for a chance to earn BNB.

As of now, only a limited number of Runner NFTs are available for sale. These NFTs are symbolic to the handful of individuals who are prominent in the Crypto-ecosystem. Each NFT character has its own uniqueness, rarity, and advantages. These assets are considered as valuable digital assets and are tradable within the cryptocurrency market / NFT marketplaces. Enabled by blockchain technology, these digital in-game items have real value. Beyond financial incentives, they allow users to interact deeper on an emotional level while racing through the beautiful city of San Francisco, connecting with fellow players, and upgrading in-game characters. We are building a comprehensive ecosystem for Runners who will use their skills to enjoy real racing experience.

CryptoRunner Gameplay

CryptoRunner is a 3D first-person endless runner game for PCs & mobile devices which uses the accelerometer to control the character. The player‘s aim is to run as far as they possibly can across five lanes before they lose in order to achieve a high score, which they can then try to beat. The player controls by Swipe as he runs around the open 3D abstract environment in 3D Space. while holding a few Power-ups inline the game. By tilting the device, the player must avoid the oncoming obstacles and NPCs while also trying not to Collide with obstacles and moving obstacles. If the device is tilted too much or swiped before or after time, the player will bust and game over or If the player hits an obstacle, it is game over.

How to own a CryptoRunner NFT
There will be a total of 5000 CryptoRunner NFTs available. There are two(2) ways to own a CryptoRunner NFT.

  • Buy with BNB

  • Stake Tokens to Claim NFTS

Buying with BNB
Forty Percent (40%) of CryptoRunner NFTs will be available for purchase with BNB before launch. The price for each NFT Chest is 0.25BNB. Users will receive a random rare NFT when they purchase the Cryptorunner NFT Chest .

Staking $RUN Tokens to Claim CryptoRunner NFTs
After the Token Launch, Users can stake $RUN tokens to get points in order to claim CryptoRunner NFTs , the amount of tokens needed to be staked is dependent on the rarity of the NFTs.

Earning $BNB in CryptoRunner
CryptoRunner, being the first Run-ToEarn game on the Binance smart Chain, will reward the Top 100 runners with BNB using a pool-based approach. The top 100 runner’s points will be accumulated and each user will receive a BNB proportional to their score in the pool.

Presale information:
CryptoRunner Presale is scheduled for 28th January, 2021. It’s going to be carried out on Pinksale Launchpad

Presale Details :

Minimum Buy : 0.1BNB
Maximum Buy: 1BNB
Hard cap : 700BNB
Soft Cap: 200BNB
To participate in the presale , join the whitelist: https://gleam.io/5WYhF/cryptorunner-whitelist-campaign

What the Future Holds for CryptoRunner

Cryptorunner is focused on making mass adoption of Blockchain games seamless with it’s easy to play Run-To-Earn game.

The team is packed with highly experienced professionals who aren’t new to the blockchain and gaming space.

The team is big on marketing & encouraging new sign ups through various media channels and sponsorship posts.
The CryptoRunner 2D is ready for the community Testnet, with the Full 3D game to be released in the second quarter of 2022

New users can be part of the community by joining the community Telegram

Media Details:

Company Name: CryptoRunner
Company Email: [email protected]
Website: https://cryptorunner.io/
City: Dallas, Texas

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