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Chicago Graphic Design Agency Karben Marketing Shares 10 Common Graphic Design Mistakes

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Karben Marketing, Chicago’s premiere graphic design agency, published an article highlighting the ten most common graphic design mistakes to avoid when creating a successful website.

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Karben Marketing, the trusted marketing and graphic design agency, published an article about the top ten most prevalent graphic design mistakes. The article explains these mistakes in detail and how they impede the creation of an effective website.

Karben Marketing is one of the leading digital marketing and graphic design agencies based in Naperville, IL
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A brief overview of these mistakes is as follows:

  • Glaring Spelling Mistakes: Spelling mistakes are the most prevalent problem on many websites. It not only gives a negative impression of the brand but also undermines its credibility.

  • Compatibility Problems: Websites incompatible with multiple smartphones and devices are left behind among competitors. So test the website extensively on various devices before launch.

  • Overthinking Design Option: In the current age of information overload, keeping things simple can have a significant advantage. It is human nature to gravitate towards easy-to-read and understandable words and images. It is worth keeping this fact in mind when designing a website.

  • Wrong Colors: Choosing an incompatible color palette, which evokes an inaccurate brand image, is a common error. Yellow, orange, and brighter colors represent a cheerful and happy kid-friendly atmosphere; green, brown, and other earthy colors represent environmentally friendly products; white, beige, and washed-out color profiles invoke feelings of elegance and austerity. So be careful about the color palette and its possible association with the brand.

  • The Dilemma of Using Stock Photos: They might be an easy way to get things done, but it shows unprofessionalism.

  • Always Playing it Safe: Safe may be convenient but taking risks can also pay off big time. When playing it safe, there is no way to outperform the competition.

  • Unsuitable Font Selection: Using too many fonts jars the senses of readers. Never overcomplicate the text by using too many fonts.

  • Using Incorrect "Doing It Yourself": DIY might be "the trend" right now, but professional tasks should be left to them alone. A graphic designer is a specialized job that not every Tom, Dick, or Harry can do.

  • Incorrect Hierarchy: The hierarchy of a website is represented by its layout. Want the website to deliver a powerful impact? Choose the appropriate content and present it in the most effective order.

  • Saving websites in the incorrect format: This single step can waste the effort put into creating your website. Carefully select the correct format for saving the website that does not pixelate or blur the final product.

Readers can visit the official Karben Marketing website to read the article. https://www.karbenmarketing.com/post/10-common-graphic-design-mistakes-to-avoid-for-your-website

A Karben Marketing representative had this to say about graphic design blunders usually seen on many websites and how they affect the brand’s image. "Marketing and graphic design are inextricably linked. An appealing graphic design is essential for increasing brand credibility, establishing confidence, and eliciting an emotional response from viewers. All of this ultimately leads to better sales and conversions. And frankly speaking, the inverse of this situation is also a distinct possibility. A poorly conceptualized, haphazardly designed website not only interferes with the viewer experience on the website but also causes long-term deterring effects due to poor first impressions. Be careful; there is no way a website or brand can make a quick comeback from a negative first impression."

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