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IBC Bridge Is The Most Important Feature States Even Mix In Latest Blog Post

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The latest blog post by Even Mix states that the most important feature in tote mixers is an IBC bridge, as it allows the user to look inside the container.

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Even though an IBC Bridge is not something that may always be mandatory, having one offers two key advantages to using a tote mixer. Even Mix states that the ability to observe what is being mixed is essential in several industries. The IBCs sold by Even Mix are translucent, which makes it difficult to see what is going on inside the container. That’s where having the 6” aperture on the top allows users to observe what’s happening.

Even Mix’s IBC Bridge
Even Mix’s IBC Bridge

According to the article, the second key advantage of an IBC bridge is making adding ingredients easier and slipping out samples during the mixing process. Also, users can add more solids, powders and liquids during the mixing process. In some industries, the process can start with mixing basic components into the water and pouring more stuff into it via the 6” IBC Bridge.

Even Mix’s IBC Tote Bridge is designed to be compatible with all IBC tote mixers regardless of size. It is built to be durable and allows users to look inside the container and add material during the mixing process. In addition, there are two strong handles attached to the cage to help secure it. The bridge directly attaches to the IBC cage, which allows it to maintain the needed level, regardless of how wavy the bottle may have become. The lightweight design and its ability to adapt is heaven sent for operators.

Readers can learn more about Even Mix’s IBC Bridge by reading the entire article at https://evenmix.com/using-ibc-bridge/.

“We have designed the IBC bridge to be easy to use, durable, and most importantly, adaptable. Regardless of the size of the container, this bridge will work exactly as it should. We have taken the same approach with our IBC bridge as we have with our tote mixers, designing it from the ground up to be truly revolutionary.” Said an executive for Even Mix.

He added, “Anyone who has used our tote and IBC mixers knows what to expect in terms of performance and durability.”

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