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My Eclectic Kitchen Acquires Blisshousefoods.com

Last updated Tuesday, November 8, 2022 11:07 ET , Source: My Eclectic Kitchen

Welcomes the latter’s readers into the fold of its vegan-friendly community

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My Eclectic Kitchen, renowned for its informative and comprehensive platform myeclectickitchen.com has acquired Blisshousefoods.com and has welcomed the latter’s readers into the fold of its loyal community.

Today an increasing number of people worldwide are making the conscious decision to go vegan. It could be due to their personal reasons and wanting to do the right thing for the planet. Unfortunately in the recent past, it was practically impossible to find meat alternatives for vegans that tasted like the original or were pocket friendly. Restaurants and takeaways have a scarcity of these options as well.

My Eclectic Kitchen
My Eclectic Kitchen

But with the growing emphasis on vegan diets, things are changing. And myeclectickitchen.com was established to help people make the most of the alternatives that are available to them. It was set up by Eve Mason, who has been vegan for more than five years. Her journey began after college and involved many frustrations about not finding the best recipes and alternatives to help her keep up with her vegan goals.

That’s why she decided to create this platform - https://myeclectickitchen.com/, which has become the one-stop resource for anyone interested in the vegan lifestyle. Throughout her vegan diet, she has tried out many different recipes with the alternatives available in the market today. She has brought them to the platform so that practically everyone, including beginners, can make them without any difficulty.

Notably, the recipes are also delicious, which is how the platform has made its mark with readers. The recipe section has myriad options that people can easily try out, and my Eclectic Kitchen offers them information on different brands and products that keep up with their lifestyles. For example, a section on Vegan marshmallow brands talks about varied options suited to people’s tastes.

The versatile and dynamic resource has many other useful articles including Vegan Options At Subway, Where to buy Yerba Mate & find it in grocery stores, Arby’s vegan options, How to tell if coconut milk is bad, and so much more. Thus, the platform covers many questions and curiosities people might have about the vegan diet, meat-free products, and recipes they can make quickly at home.

Blisshousefoods.com is a platform that has earned its reputation based on similar philosophies about eating right at home. Over time it garnered a loyal following of readers who wanted to know more about delectable, healthy, and smart cooking. So My Eclectic Kitchen acquiring it now is like coming together of two brands with similar ideologies and beliefs. The renowned platform has now welcomed readers from the latter’s community.

To learn more about the vegan diet, meat-free alternatives, the best brands that support vegans, and easy-to-make, delicious recipes one can visit https://myeclectickitchen.com/.

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Established by Eve Mason, who has been vegan for more than five years, the online platform is a comprehensive resource for delicious vegan-friendly dishes that are easy to make as well.


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