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Kunstgrasgigant.nl, Artificial Grass Installers Expand Website

Last updated Friday, December 9, 2022 16:17 ET , Source: Kunstgrasgigant

Featuring Top Collection of Artificial Grasses for Various Applications

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Kunstgrasgigant.nl, a leading artificial grass company, is pleased to share that they have updated and expanded their website. The website is now updated with a wide variety of artificial grass for various applications, including gardens, balconies and terraces, and indoor and outdoor sports fields. They also offer gekleurd kunstgras or colored grass for specific usage. This grass is available in a multitude of colors which includes shades of greens, blues, yellows, purples, pinks, browns, greys, reds, oranges, blacks, and more. The gekleurd kunstgras are available for indoor and outdoor use. This grass is UV resistant, child-friendly and free of rot and mold. The best thing is that one can install the grass by themselves or call the experts from Kunstgrasgigant.

The colored grass carpets are sustainable, require little or no maintenance, and, most importantly, they look and feel like real grass. The company currently offers more than twenty kinds of artificial grass. All the samples are available at the showrooms located in over 14 locations. Kunstgras zelf aanleggen allows customers to install the grass by themselves. The website offers detailed instructions and an 8-step plan that must be followed to create a flawless lawn. From the necessary tools to install the grass to step-by-step instructions, the website offers full information on kunstgras zelf aanleggen. The mats are available in different thicknesses and can be customized as per need.

The four major types are Aerdenhout Superior grass, a unique C-shaped fiber known for its strong resilience. This grass is perfect for areas with heavy traffic. The Blaricum Prestige comes with UV stability, which means the grass always remains green. This one is perfect for ornamental use as well as for playgrounds and stadiums. The Bloemendaal Excellent is a grass for places where children and pets play. This is a softer version when compared to the above two versions. The Wassenaar Deluxe is a blend of colored fibers and colored moss thread. This is for ornamental purposes only.

Kunstgras offers superior-grade artificial grass and is a replica of natural grass. From huge balconies to roof terraces, gardens to play areas, and sports fields to lawns, this company offers grass for every use. One can enjoy sitting or playing on beautiful green grass without worrying about watering or maintenance. All this grass needs is removing dust from time to time with a stiff broom. The colored grass or gekleurd kunstgras is also available across budgets. Customers can visit the website to browse the expansive range of artificial grass collections, i.e., over 30 TUV-certified grass types.

To learn more visit https://www.kunstgrasgigant.nl/assortiment/gekleurd-kunstgras/

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Kunstgrasgigant is a leading provider of artificial grass and colored grass for various applications. They currently serve customers in Apeldoorn, Neighbor Malsen, Doetinchem, Eemnes, Elspeet, Hoogerheide, Koudekerke, Lisserbroek, Marum, Noordwijkerhout, Pijnacker, Ridderkert, Werkendam and Nurensdorf (Switzerland).




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