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Author Rebeccah Silence Partners With Health Communications, Inc. to Donate Books to Safehouse Crisis Center

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Silence’s Book, “Coming Back to Life,” is a Beacon of Hope for Survivors of Abuse & Violence

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Award-winning author Rebeccah SilenceREDx Magazine’s Top Emotional Healing and Relationship Coach of 2022—and publisher Health Communications Inc. have officially partnered to donate copies of Silence's new book, “Coming Back to Life: A Roadmap to Healing from Pain to Create the Life You Want,” to Safehouse Crisis Center Inc., in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Silence, a survivor of domestic violence, says, "We are donating these books because we know they will be a tool to help people heal. How you feel is 100% based on how healed your past is. There is life on the other side of whatever darkness people are facing. This book aims to offer hope, healing, and a roadmap to possibility that can empower and encourage readers to take their lives back from an emotionally clear, neutral and grounded space.”

The Safehouse Crisis Center aids in the reduction of the incidence of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Agency services include crisis intervention, emergency shelter, victim advocacy, public education and community awareness, statistical analysis, and involvement in legislative reform.

Brooke Powell of Safehouse says, “We often hear our survivors say, ‘I could handle the physical abuse. The emotional abuse was far more damaging and long-lasting. Those physical injuries heal but the words are always fresh. Always sting. Always harder to forget.’ We are incredibly grateful and appreciative of Rebeccah and her support of survivors of violence. Her book will be an enormously powerful resource and healing tool for the survivors we assist in Southeast Kansas.”

An accomplished TV and radio personality with over two decades of experience speaking to millions about doing the inner work, Silence is a groundbreaking voice in the space of healing and self-development. Her life’s mission is about supporting people in moving through their healing so they can allow themselves to truly thrive.

Silence understands the struggles of emotional pain well. A survivor of cancer while pregnant, childhood sexual abuse and domestic abuse, she has known enormous suffering, but she learned to defeat her emotional pain to live free and happy.

She adds, “We are living in a time when it is paramount to practice what this book teaches, especially if one has experienced any form of abuse. I poured my heart into ensuring that anyone who reads it will know how to experience emotional healing, process anxiety, clear depression and release trauma. The key is to first recommit to thriving and to living a fulfilling life, and the rest will flow from there.”

“Coming Back to Life” gives readers insight into how their past pain can impact the present, how to liberate themselves from those wounds, and how to tap into their inner healer. It presents tools, strategies and support to create a life of possibility and never feel powerless again.

Silence’s greatest wish is that anyone reading her book will discover how to be the source of their own encouragement and take control of their life.

Silence says, “For survivors of violence and abuse at Safehouse Crisis Center, we were compelled to make this donation because we felt that by putting the books in the hands of these women, and in the hands of the staff that support them, it will give foundational tools and a path to start the healing process while aiding the recovery journey at the Center.”

To make a donation to the Safehouse Crisis Center, please go to this PayPal Donation Link.

About the Author

Media personality, international speaker and author, Rebeccah Silence—REDx Magazine’s Top Emotional Healing and Relationship Coach of 2022—is a global advocate and leader in guiding her clients to heal trauma and reclaim their lives. As a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse, and being diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer while she was pregnant, she has helped countless individuals, couples and families process intense traumatic experiences. Silence is the author of Coming Back to Life, host of the “Healing IS Possible Experience” and the “Tougher Together Breakthrough” podcasts, and the creator of the on-demand The Emotional Survival Kit course. Through her coaching, seminars, books and online courses, Silence teaches audiences how to become their own healers.

Visit her website: rebeccahsilence.com

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