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Sarah Jones – Her Desire to Bring Real News Based on Facts

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Journalism can be a gratifying profession in general. Working as a journalist is not a career for the faint of heart. Journalists have a responsibility to report the news properly and objectively. For journalists, it is their utmost duty to report the truth not because they are inherently neutral but because they maintain the reputation of objective verification. However, journalism has lost people’s trust over the past few years. The media has come short of its promised role in society.

On the other hand, Emmy Award-winning journalist Sarah Jones is a one-woman band. She was selected by Friends of Europe as one of the top twenty North American Young Leaders. And one of the top 1,000 most influential Twitter personalities.

To tell distinctive news, multimedia journalists blend traditional journalism with new designs and images. Multimedia journalist abilities encompass the numerous talents, technical skills, and knowledge that enable professionals to become influential journalists by utilizing multiple media. Working as a multimedia journalist may need technical skills like writing and editing and digital media skills like video editing or photography. Sarah is proficient in multimedia journalism, a new and creative genre of journalistic practice that focuses on the rapid development of technology to help newsrooms adapt to today’s convergent news environment. 

Editing abilities may assist multimedia journalists in creating high-quality work, whether editing a written piece or a journalistic film. Knowledge of proofreading and video and picture editing software may enable a journalist to make the required modifications to improve a specific piece of material. The editing abilities polish journalistic work before it is published online or in print. Jones is the kind of journalist who films, edits, writes and produces her own pieces. She is on a mission to bring real news based on facts to the table. 

Jones covers a wide range of international and domestic news. In 2018, While on a reporting fellowship with the International Women’s Media Foundation, she spoke with a social entrepreneur in Juba. She wrote about Emmanuel Lobijo, who utilized bitcoin to feed hundreds of children in his neighborhood and IDP camps. 

Passion for bringing up underreported news:

Jones has long been critical of the mainstream media, which increasingly emphasizes narratives over news journalism. She reports on stories that the mainstream media often do not cover even when there is still a lot of ground to cover. She rises to the occasion, delivering one startling report after another. Out of her passion for bringing underreported news to mainstream media, she launched a program named “Seen and Heard.” The idea behind launching the program was to have communities marginalized within mainstream media receive equal attention. Jones’s talent and vision are the need for the voiceless to be heard. She received substantial support from many people and raised $8,000 through Gofundme.com in less than two months to fund the program’s pilot. 

Jones was nominated Best Journalist in Social Media in 2014. She is a two-time International Reporting Project Fellow. While Jones has spent most of her decade in journalism on television, she is also an award-winning photographer. She is one of the top forty female social media influencers in the field of artificial intelligence. 

At the Sixth Annual Shorty Awards, she was named Best Journalist in Social Media by a jury of industry executives. Jones is a two-time International Reporting Project (IRP) Fellow and an International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) fellow.

Memorializing the deceased journalists:

Jones is also the founder of the annual international moment of silence, an online event to memorialize deceased journalists, which she co-founded with organizations such as the Committee to Protect Journalists and the United Nations Foundation’s Plus Social Good. The event touched nearly 9 million people in its initial year, and in-person events were organized worldwide.

Due to her significant expertise, Jones has been invited multiple times to assist top military planners and government leaders in the United States and allied nations. In addition to being a journalist, Jones has also authored a book titled “A Kids Book About War,” in which she sheds a broader light on how to have a conversation related to war with kids in simple terms. Jones has shared her treasure of knowledge to discuss the issue of war with children in an age-appropriate and non-threatening manner.

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