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The Art Sherpa – The mission to make art free and accessible to everyone

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Painting is the communication of thoughts and emotions in a two-dimensional visual language through the production of specific aesthetic characteristics. Art is all about connecting with people’s feelings. It is both personal and global. It is a natural human need to express oneself through mark-making.

An artist can ‘feel intensely’ to be ‘sensitive’ and convey this via paint, gesture, or color. The artist ‘absorbs’ a location’s vibe or a memory of a sensation. Carrying all this passion – being so sensitive – may be a hardship for the artist; take Cinnamon Cooney, for example. She is known to the world as the Art Sherpa, a YouTube content creator and art teacher.

Cooney was born in Aspen, Colorado, on July 1, 1970. She grew up in a creative household and was constantly exposed to artistic expression. Her mother, Ginger Cook, inspired her artistic abilities and as she grew older, Cooney began to develop her own talent through her drawings.

During her days in school, she was not very good at making friends, but she could draw. Her art was even adored by other kids with whom she was not acquainted. Her talent had begun to feel like some magical superpower allowing her to choose the world she wanted to see and the voice all could hear.

Making the reach to art free and accessible for all:

With a broad knowledge and long experience in the field of art, The Art Sherpa is on her mission to make art free and accessible to everyone. Acting as an art guide rather than an art teacher, she conducts classes that allow for personal growth, regardless of whether the students are beginners or experienced painters. She serves as an art guide to over 1 million new students each month from 250 countries. She helps people of all ages and levels uncover their inner artists daily.

Ascending to the top of the mountain:

The most acceptable creative advice she provides is that there is no way to quantify the worth of art or how it influences the path of a person’s life. That is where the value lies – in the creative process. Her passion for art led her to win NextUP in 2016. She is the founder of the wildly famous Acrylic April 30-day challenge. Her YouTube channel has expanded and spread to several Facebook groups and other social media sites. Cinnamon Cooney was highlighted in an article published by the Winnipeg Free Press in 2020. The Art Sherpa was also noted as a great YouTube channel for novice artists and was used as an example of hosting a paint night at home.

Retaining the ultimate spiritual right through her art:

She looks forward to assisting her community in reclaiming the ultimate spiritual right of a human being to be artistically inventive and creative. Cinnamon Cooney teaches art techniques, vocabulary, processes, and emotional art skills. In Sherpa-dom, ‘talent’ is a myth that has been replaced by practice, drive, tenacity, and life narrative. This is the source of art, not a genetic lottery, and everyone may be an artist, even if they have been taught otherwise in the past.

Helping others discover their voice and using their creativity:

In today’s environment, there is a lot of noise competing for everyone’s attention. With so many voices and messages telling what to believe, it’s more complex than ever for people to hear their inner voice, let alone locate their social and creative compass. When people can create, they can listen to their genuine inner voice. Cooney allows more individuals to develop their creative voice and dig into their imagination, adding color, richness, and depth to the world. Cooney, who discovered her own life path through art, now teaches others how to do the same, not just as a guide but as The Art Sherpa.

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