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Mobilen Communications Inc. Launches Secure 5G Post-Quantum Network

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Mobilen Communication is an emerging digital platform. Recently, the company announced the launch of its 5G Post-Quantum Network.

Mobilen Communications Inc., a New York-based wireless service provider, has announced the launch of the first 5G post-quantum network that provides complete end-to-end encryption. Mobilen’s network is decentralized, randomized, and redundant.

The company’s global customers can enjoy coverage and privacy, all in a single package.

With over 20 years of experience in the telecom sector, Mobilen aims to deliver a network service that provides security against data hijacking. The network is compliant with NIST-NSA and makes use of the advanced and unique randomization algorithms along with post-quantum cryptography.

Furthermore, Mobilen provides and offers a $1M insurance policy that protects against losses due to a sim swap or a port out.

The company was founded by Christopher Stojcev, a well-known name in the telecom industry. Stojcev is a renowned entrepreneur who finds and builds solutions for his clients. His latest venture, Mobilen, was conceived with the idea of creating a secure mobile network.

Commenting on Mobilen’s advanced privacy, Christopher Stojcev said: “In this era of digital information, our data is at risk. With Mobilen, our customers can have peace of mind that our network provides secure data in transit.”

About the Company – Mobilen Communications Inc.

Mobilen Communications Inc is the newly established privacy-focused mobile virtual network operator headquartered in New York City, USA. It facilitates its users with wireless services to businesses and enterprises, with a focus on providing top-notch security measures against SIM swapping, hijacking, and port-outs. With over two decades of experience in the telecommunications industry, Mobilen is well-equipped to address the security challenges faced by businesses today.

Visit http://www.mobilen.io to learn more.

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