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Sarah Jones’ Latest Book “War – Explained Simply for Kids” Helps Parents Discuss Complex Topics with Children

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Emmy Award Winning Journalist Sarah Jones has released her latest book, “War – Explained Simply for Kids,” offering valuable insight and a unique perspective on explaining complex topics to young readers. With extensive experience reporting from war-torn countries, Jones offers a simplified approach to discussing the ever-present reality of war and terrorism with children and grownups alike.

According to Jones, parents often struggle to find the right words to explain these challenging topics to their children. Her book provides a starting point for parents to initiate conversations with their kids about the conflicts happening around the world. By understanding the risks and realities of their world, children can develop a wider lens for looking at the world both with and without wars.

“War – Explained Simply for Kids” covers key areas including the history of war, the effects of war on people and communities, and how to promote peace. The book provides age-appropriate language and illustrations to help children better understand complex topics related to war and terrorism.

Jones stresses the importance of being honest and open with children when discussing these topics. “We must talk to our children about wars and promote peace wherever we can,” she says.

Insights into underlying motivations:
Jones is an established journalist known for filming, editing, writing, producing, and reporting her pieces penned A Kids Book About War as a solid starter for more extensive conversations about war with the kids. Jones has thoughtfully, sensitively, and passionately written the book that even adults can learn a lot by reading to their kids. Her book offers insights into people’s underlying motivations when engaging in a war. In addition, her book explains what war is, why wars start, and what happens after a war. Jones has shared her wealth of knowledge to address the topic of war with kids in a way that is age-appropriate and non-threatening.

Helping with difficult conversations:
Jones’s book has been a valuable resource for many Pre-K teachers who are helping their students navigate difficult conversations about conflicts and wars. Children may have heard about wars from various sources, but may not fully understand the concept and feel confused. It’s important to start by asking children what they already know about war and build on their existing knowledge. Simplifying the explanation of war can help children gain a better understanding. Keeping the conversation simple and age-appropriate is key to effectively explaining the concept of war to children.

Empowering the kids:
The world is changing, and it is changing at a breakneck pace. In a constantly evolving world that is defined by complexity, hyper-connectivity, and rapid technological advancements, it has become necessary to educate kids enough to adapt and thrive in the uncertain future. It goes without saying that wars will continue to happen in the future. Jones’s book has never made teachers shy away when encountering real and complex questions from their students. A Kids Book About War by Jones has helped kids make sense of scary and complicated ideas. The war coverage in Ukraine shook many kids, and they could be left clueless if they were not given exposure.

An easy theme on a complex topic:
In a nutshell, Sarah Jones has penned a book that can be a valuable resource for having a meaningful conversation with kids about wars. Jones has been nominated and has participated in the National Security Seminar at the invitation of the Army War College. Her book “A Kids Book About War” is an incredible approach with an easy theme to a complex topic. Her book has been a helpful resource for first graders navigating a great conversation about current events, their feelings, and their opinion on things, and it makes them feel heard.


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