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Safe Title invents New AI and Blockchain Security Operating System

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Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - May 23, 2023) - Safe Title, Inc. a security software development company, has announced the introduction of its innovative Security Operating System (SOS) that leverages advanced AI and blockchain technology to provide unprecedented asset protection. The company's new system issues a downloadable Safe Title App to capture data to secure personal, business, and government assets and documents. With the rapid growth and expansion of AI in all market sectors, the company aims to offer a level of security incomparable to any traditional methods of security or protection. Safe Title President Eli Schechter envisions a world where "everyone has the freedom to transact with certain safety."

By applying cutting-edge technology to secure protection of asset ownership and safe transactions, Safe Title is poised to transform the way individuals, businesses, and governments manage and protect their valuable assets, ensuring a future where trust and security are paramount. The company's first application target is the jewelry market, addressing fraud issues, boosting revenues for jewelers, and simplifying lending and insurance processes. A Safe Title, is comprised of product and document ownership, specifications, details, high-resolution images, unique data, material and chemistry identifiers, a complete transaction history, and an AI-generated digital twin.

Safe Title is set to showcase its Jewelry, retail, collector and family heirloom Jewelry Application (App), offering at the JKC Show in Las Vegas Nevada, from June 2-5, 2023. Building on their AI and blockchain-powered Safe Title Security Operating System (SOS), the groundbreaking technology has demonstrated its effectiveness in combating fraud, boosting revenues for jewelers, and streamlining processes for lenders and insurers.

At the JKC Show, Safe Title will present its innovative security operating system to industry professionals, highlighting the potential for broader applications across various asset types. The event serves as a platform for the company to showcase how its advanced AI and blockchain technology can revolutionize asset security for the jewelry markets, paving the way for a future where trust and security are at the forefront of transactions and ownership.

Safe Title's technology has garnered attention from numerous industries, including real estate, art, collectibles, and luxury goods, where secure ownership and transactions are crucial. As the company expands its reach, Safe Title aims to revolutionize asset security by providing a comprehensive and certain solution for ownership and transactions.

To accommodate this growth, Safe Title is actively seeking partnerships with key industry players and exploring collaboration opportunities with other blockchain and AI technology providers. With the continued support of the Tesla Foundation and its investors, the company is well-positioned to lead the charge in redefining asset security and ownership for the digital age.

Safe Title CEO and AI expert Wilhelm Cashen emphasizes the urgency of the solution in the face of an impending global security crisis fueled by rapidly advancing AI technology. With support from the Tesla Foundation and venture capital investments, Safe Title has assembled an industry-leading team that includes company President, visionary and young entrepreneur, Eli Schechter, CEO Wilhelm Cashen, COO Xavone Charles, and Ezzie Schaffran, CEO of ICE.com, and Chairman of the Safe Title board of directors.

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