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Loris AI Positions for Expansion in 2024 with Expanded CX Analytics Offerings

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Loris, the AI-powered customer experience analytics platform, is announcing plans to accelerate innovation in 2024 after a breakout year of growth. In 2023, Loris saw substantial increases in new customer acquisition and expansion of existing accounts as demand rises for AI-enabled CX analytics. Building on this growth, Loris plans to expand its platform capabilities and reach in the coming months.

"This year proved that CX leaders urgently need AI tools like Loris to extract insights, drive efficiencies especially regarding agent performance assessment, and optimize experiences across customer service channels," said Loris CEO Etie Hertz. “We've seen a ton of interest – especially among customer experience BPOs and CX-focused brands. The innovations we're delivering now will further accelerate our growth.”

Loris applies natural language processing and machine learning to analyze customer service conversations across digital messaging, phone, email, and social media. The platform automatically categorizes conversations, surfaces key insights, and highlights areas for improvement. By eliminating manual quality assurance processes, Loris provides time and cost savings of up to 50% for CX teams based on client impact studies. The company's customers have also seen 20% increases in CSAT scores and 25% faster handle times after implementing Loris.

In September, Loris launched Voice Pro capabilities to uncover insights from customer phone conversations. This omnichannel view creates a comprehensive dataset to spot issues and optimize experiences. "Expanding our analysis to voice channels was a huge milestone," Etie Hertz noted. “It provides a complete view of the customer journey across touchpoints.”

Additional platform enhancements slated for release in late 2023 will greatly enhance efficiency and ease of use with improved QA scoring automation, at-a-glance performance dashboards, and intelligent workflow scheduling. Loris is also actively developing additional integrations with leading telephony and customer service platforms.

"The next quarter represents a significant leap forward in innovation for how we drive better quality and efficiency for CX teams," Etie Hertz commented. "We can't wait for customers to experience the coming wave of new features." Loris serves prominent enterprise clients across telecom, financial services, eCommerce and technology verticals.

With $19.1 million in funding to date, the company is primed for aggressive growth in 2024. Loris doubled its headcount in recent years and plans to grow next year across its New York and Tel Aviv offices. "2023 proved our AI-augmented approach resonates widely with CX leaders needing to optimize experiences and operations," said Hertz. “With an expanded platform and reach, 2024 is poised to be a breakout year for Loris.”

About Loris

Loris applies AI and NLP to unlock customer insights and improve experiences across service channels. Leading enterprises use Loris to boost CSAT, agent performance, and operational efficiency. Loris is headquartered in New York with an R&D center in Tel Aviv. Learn more at www.loris.ai.

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