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Cyber First Academy: From Night Guard to Cybersecurity Expert - The Inspiring Journey of Ola Agunbiade

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Cyber First Academy unveils the remarkable story of its founder, Ola Agunbiade, a man who transitioned from being a security guard in 2001, earning ten dollars an hour, to now leading a successful cybersecurity consultancy and training firm.

Cyber First Academy (www.cyberfirstacademy.com) is a testament to Ola's determination, resilience, and his mission to empower others with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure cybersecurity.

“I started off working night shifts as a security guard while attending college in the daytime. The journey wasn't always smooth,” says Ola. But after discovering the potential of cybersecurity, Ola saw not just a means to a better life but an avenue to make a significant impact in the digital age. Fast forward to 2023, Ola boasts a Master's degree in Cybersecurity, numerous industry-standard certifications, and a certificate from Harvard University.

Ola's passion lies in educating and consulting. His dual venture consists of a cybersecurity consulting company and a training entity. “I see myself as a cybersecurity evangelist. My drive comes from the transformations I witness daily - from organizations bolstering their security postures based on our guidance to students achieving six-figure salaries,” says Ola.

Given the alarming rise in cyber threats, the need for proficient cybersecurity talent is more pronounced than ever. Ola recognized this gap and the immense opportunities it presented. His ventures primarily aim to fill this void, especially for individuals and small businesses.

But this journey had its challenges. "Identifying the perfect client and earning their trust as a new business was tough," recalls Ola. Despite these obstacles, he emphasizes the importance of mindset. “Mindset is everything. Visualize your goal, write it down, and be prepared to work even harder.”

Ola differentiates himself and Cyber First Academy through empathy and a comprehensive understanding of the industry. He emphasizes the dual nature of cybersecurity – technical and non-technical. “If you don't have technical skills, don't be disheartened. There's the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) side, the non-technical aspect, offering six-figure incomes.”

To this end, the Academy offers a plethora of courses catering to both these domains, making it easier for individuals to transition into cybersecurity.

Ola's views on financial freedom resonate with his life's journey. "It's the freedom to make choices without constantly checking your bank balance," he elaborates.

When asked for advice on online safety, Ola's formula is simple: CASH. Be cautious with your Clicks, invest in an Antivirus, be selective about Sharing information online, and ensure system Hardening for optimal security.

For more insights, free cybersecurity training and tips, Ola can be reached on his social media platforms:

YouTube: @cyberfirstsolutions

TikTok: @olathecyberriskguy

Instagram: @cyberfirstsolutions

Twitter: @cyberfirsttweet

Websites: www.cyberfirstacademy.com and www.cyberfirstsolutions.com

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