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Vinstinct Empowers New Wine Lovers to Personalize Their Wine Experience With Its Unique Wine Tasting Workbook

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Vinstinct, an innovative wine education startup, is set to launch The Wine Tasting Workbook for wine enthusiasts to customize their wine-tasting experience.

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Wine culture has traditionally been Eurocentric and, at times, intimidating. Vinstinct, a visionary wine education startup, plans to introduce The Wine Tasting Workbook to simplify the lives of many at the end of November. Co-founded by Chelsea Stephens and Taylor Walker, Vinstinct aims to empower new wine enthusiasts with accessible and relatable wine education, fostering a sense of community and confidence in the process.

Chelsea Stephens founder of Vinstinct

Chelsea Stephens, a Ph.D. candidate in biomedical engineering at Cornell University, shared her motivation for creating Vinstinct. "We saw that there was a huge gap between those comfortable with wine and those just starting out. The wine industry claims inclusivity, but underlying elitist traits persist. The way that most professionals communicate about wine can be intimidating, especially for those new to the experience. That's why we designed our workbook to focus on sensory aspects – something everyone can understand."

The Wine Tasting Workbook takes a unique approach to wine education, breaking down wine tasting into its most fundamental components. It guides readers through experiences they can relate to, like tasting something sour or experiencing heat after a shot of vodka. These sensory aspects are the building blocks of wine tasting, demystifying wine for newcomers.

The Wine Tasting Workbook by Vinstinct

Co-founder Taylor goes on to explain the significance of the workbook "Your instinct about life guides you through wine. It's a personal journey, and the way you describe wine should be personal. It could remind you of your grandmother, your grandfather, or even your cat. That's the essence of 'Vinstinct.'"

Looking ahead, Vinstinct has ambitious plans. In the next five years, their primary goal is to raise brand awareness and expand their reach, equipping new wine lovers with the vocabulary and skills for wine tasting. They plan to write a series of books about different aspects of wine, such as food and wine pairings and regional variances.

The brand doesn't stop there. They're also considering the creation of an educational wine-tasting kit. This kit would allow people, even in remote areas, to begin their wine education journey, guided by Vinstinct's expertise. The kit would include different tasting activities and samples to help users understand the structural components of wine.

In addition to their educational materials, Chelsea hosts local events, including educational wine tastings in her community. While these events are currently local, she has a vision of reaching bigger stages, possibly participating in festivals or large-scale events.

Chelsea envisions an app as the next step, aiming to make wine education even more accessible. "An app would provide greater convenience for users to study and practice wine tasting. It's a step toward reaching a broader, international audience."

As their journey unfolds, Vinstinct is sure to inspire more individuals to explore the world of wine with confidence and a personal touch. Chelsea and Taylor's creation is more than just about wine; it's about empowering people to trust their instincts and discover the beauty of this age-old beverage in a way that's meaningful to them.

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