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Pink Solution, leading manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning products celebrate 75% repeat and retention customer rate

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Pink Solution, a family owned and operated eco-friendly business, reaches exciting milestone of consistenly retaining three-quarters of its customers.

Vancouver, Canada, 11/16/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Pink Solution is celebrating reaching a milestone of 75% repeat and retention customer rate. Pink Solution is a family-owned and operated business based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company which has been in operation for over 30 years, is proud that it retains a large number of its first-time customers, a feat it believes has been pivotal to its sustainability and growth over the years.

CEO of Pink Solution, Dave Pasin, says the company is happy with the achievement which he says is a result of 30 years of exclusively producing enviro-friendly cleaning products that work. According to Mr. Pasin, the company is proud to produce high-quality, environmentally responsible products at competitive prices to major cleaning product manufacturers. Pasin says the company has dedicated customers who have shown unwavering loyalty over the years. He attributes this to the versatility, quality, and safety of Pink Solution products.

Mr. Pasin went on to mention that the company’s loyal customers consist of major retailers, commercial cleaning companies, and those who want to use safe and effective cleaning products in their homes. Pasin says the company recognizes that once people use Pink Solution products, they continue to use them. According to customers, the high quality of Pink Solution products is a major factor for their continual use and loyalty to the product. According to Pasin, Pink Solution started in 1990 with three simple goals in mind: to make products that are environmentally friendly, that work, and that are cost-effective. Pasin went on to say Pink Solution has become the leader in climate-conscious consumer cleaning solutions. Adding Pink Solution’s goal is to ensure the safety of its customer, their families, and the environment, by reducing packaging and improving the efficiency of the product, thereby saving consumers money.

“We're dedicated to developing products that are unique in the marketplace and meet with safety and efficacy needs of our customers. Their steadfast support makes us enjoy producing eco-friendly products that are both reliable and affordable. Every raw material we use is derived from either plants or minerals and contains no toxic chemicals, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. Pink Solution is diligent about avoiding anything that may be construed as dangerous to people, animals, or the environment.

Our proprietary formulae make knocking off/copying our products very difficult. More recently, others, have tried to mimic our products by playing on the Pink Solution name and using social media to further confusion in the marketplace. Pasin warned that the imitators do not work as well as the original Pink Solution products and also contain raw materials that can be considered artificial and/or toxic,” says Pasin.

The company CEO David Pasin also discussed Pink Solution winning multiple awards, including three editions of Mothers’ Choice Awards and five editions of Consumers Choice Award for product safety and efficacy. According to Mr. Pasin, these awards serve as a constant reminder that the company is indeed delivering on its mission of continually providing eco-friendly, effective consumer products. He adds that the company produces a wide collection of cleaners for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, pet, automotive, RV, institutional, and household cleaning products. All Pink Solution products pass stringent quality assessment testing. Mr. Pasin also noted that Pink Solution focuses on safety because of their awareness and knowledge of many of the toxic materials found in mass-produced cleaning products.

Pasin believes the future lies in the continued development of safer, non-toxic, enviro-friendly cleaners that provide consumers and commercial users with safer products for the workers and safer products for the environment. He is determined to make Pink Solution the leader in the cleaning field for safer products.

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