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Bringing Tennis Indoors: A New Way To Play

Last updated Friday, November 17, 2023 10:53 ET

Whether it is the athletic supremacy demonstrated during the US Open, or the amusingly ill-fated effort to have blue clay, the image of tennis is inexorably tied to a bright day and a sweaty brow.

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Whether it is the vivid greenery of Wimbledon, the athletic supremacy demonstrated during the US Open, or the amusingly ill-fated effort to have blue clay, for many people, the image of tennis is inexorably tied to a bright day and a sweaty brow. Because of this preconception, many people associate tennis only with the Summer months and hang up their sweatbands and racquets for the year once the leaves start to turn.

Even when the weather permits, it is easy to see why there is a reluctance to pick up the game when it is either storming every day during the summer or there is such a blistering heat that most people would be disinclined to even step outside much less play a full game of tennis with their friends. With these issues serving as hard stops for many people when it comes to enjoying tennis or the more casual pickleball, it is not hard to see why the sport can have its challenges in gathering and maintaining a solid player base of young people.

However, recently, Pompano Beach has become set to welcome a completely indoor racquet club, catering to those with the time, resources, and drive to pursue their passions without the fear of having them denied by bad weather or an annoying glare getting in their eyes.

The brainchild of tennis expert Neal Feinberg, this club will feature a fully temperature-controlled series of indoor tennis courts and will operate year-long with the goal of providing a permanent location for people to continue developing their tennis or pickleball skills without the concern of bad weather or the off-season depriving them of valuable training opportunities.

“Half the year in Florida it’s brutally hot, even dangerous for some. The Florida sun makes skin cancer a growing concern as well. So if your primary form of exercise is tennis, cool indoor courts are valuable. Our court surface will be cushioned acrylic that is gentle on the body. Highest tier members get guaranteed court access 24/7 — an unprecedented luxury,” says Feinberg about his location. “Add to that the ability to hit with famous players from the tour or just your own family and friends and we have a dream club. We also have an indoor cinema with a popcorn machine, gym, ping pong, and are very family friendly. We boast the first Two Year Old Tennis program so toddlers can start young. For tennis lovers, this indoor facility is like the holy grail.”

One can easily see further considerations with this type of environment when it comes to older people or potentially at-risk individuals who worry that the heat and exertion are too much for them. With AC running cooly during the summer, there is very little chance of someone falling victim to heat exhaustion when they’re practicing their serve on one of the many indoor courts that will be featured at this location.

Most important of all, however, is the fact that this location has been purposefully designed with the athletic experience in mind. Unlike many similar locations, there has been a specific method followed to ensure that every court, every light, and every piece of flooring will combine together to provide the best experience and environment for athletes to use as they see fit.

In a recent article with the South Florida Reporter, Feinberg claimed that “Every detail, from the flooring and lighting down to the acoustic wall panels, has been optimized for athletic performance and enjoyment.”

Of course, all of these amenities do come with a price: the Florida Indoor Racquet Club will cater mainly to those of a higher net worth who come with a desire and the means to keep at their craft all year long versus just over a season.

While the prices could certainly have an impact on the variety and numbers of people attending, there comes the understanding that any member will experience the best of what a club-associated athletic experience can hope to offer. After all, how many other locations can promise a 24/7/365 environment for its members to take advantage of?

With an opening date set in 2025, the Florida Indoor Racquet Club promises to deliver expert leadership and advantages for anyone who seeks to pick up the Racquet regardless of the time of year or outdoor environmental status.

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