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Genuin is Reinventing Social Connections With A Community-First Approach

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With social media losing its original purpose of encouraging one-on-one connections, Co-founder Bhargav Patel's community-first platform seeks to redefine social connections.

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In an era dominated by massive social media platforms, the quest for meaningful connections often gets lost in the pursuit of likes, followers, and superficial interactions. Existing platforms have strayed from their original purpose in their quest to become the next big thing.

An app like Snapchat lost users when it moved away from its roots of sharing photos, while other platforms entered an arms race for social validation, prioritizing perceived influence over authentic relationships. The shift towards endless scrolling and cluttered feeds has discouraged users, with social interactions marred by trolls and a lack of meaningful engagement.

The consequence of this disengagement is a pervasive sense of vanity, loneliness, and FOMO, as users expand their digital networks without reaping the rewards of authentic connectedness. The very platforms designed to bring people together have, in many instances, become breeding grounds for isolation.

Traditional social media platforms, once heralded as catalysts for global connection, are now in a crisis of purpose. The shift from fostering one-to-one connections to impersonal mass connections has led to a dilution of genuine sociability. The pursuit of the next big feature or trend has eclipsed original intent, leaving users with cluttered feeds, suggested posts, and an endless barrage of ads.

Bhargav Patel, the co-founder of Genuin, identifies a critical issue plaguing social media—the absence of a one-to-one networking experience. Existing platforms have deviated from their initial purpose, transforming into media platforms for mindless scrolling rather than cultivating authentic connections. The consequence is a loss of genuine sociability and an environment rife with contentious interactions, often leading users to disengage or, in extreme cases, abandon their accounts.

The major shift back to smaller niche communities is noticeable, with users retreating from all-encompassing platforms into areas that focus on specific interests. However, these deeper relationships often take place in communities that are difficult to discover or even compartmentalized, unintentionally silencing important voices.

Patel claims that social media in its current state does not foster genuine one-to-one connections. The pursuit of likes and followers has led to fleeting conversations without depth, leaving users yearning for meaningful, productive discussions on topics that really matter to them. Genuin, a newly launched social community platform, offers a solution to this crisis. "Genuin is designed to encourage and sustain one-on-one conversations about important topics," Patel emphasizes.

In addition to his role at Genuin, Patel's entrepreneurial journey was marked by pioneering contributions to digital advertising through IQM. The digital advertising platform, used in numerous campaigns, reflects Patel's ability to take advertising technology platforms to profitability without outside investors. This success forms the foundation of his approach to Genuin — a focus on what matters most and an unwavering commitment to improving the consumer experience.

As a graduate in electrical and electronics engineering, Patel's educational background matches his entry into the technology industry. His vision for Genuin goes beyond the platform itself and aims to create a space where the true value of relationships, friendships, and networking opportunities come to fruition when needed in the real world.

Genuin's community-led short video discussion platform represents a departure from the dominant social media model. By putting control of content and moderation in the hands of community builders, Genuin creates a safe environment for meaningful interactions. This recently launched AI-driven engagement module underscores Genuin's commitment to dynamic community activity and encourages inclusive discussions on relevant topics.

In discussing the platform's core purpose, Patel emphasizes the need for mid-funnel activity platforms. While existing platforms manage top funnel and transactional activities, Genuin aims to fill the gap by providing a space for re-engagement within communities. This approach aligns with Patel's vision of creating a platform that impacts billions of users, offering a controlled, moderated, and inclusive environment.

Bhargav Patel's leadership at Genuin reflects a commitment to redefining social connections. In a world saturated with superficial interactions, Genuin stands as a testament to the value of meaningful, one-to-one conversations. Patel's vision for the platform encompasses not only its role in the social media landscape but also its potential to shape the future of community-led engagement. As Genuin continues to evolve, it has the potential to become a transformative force, providing users with a genuine, curated, and community-driven social experience.

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