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How Raphie Rose promotes holistic wellness through acupuncture therapy

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Raphaella Rose Chiaramonte, otherwise known as Raphie Rose, welcomes individuals to experience the transformative impact of acupuncture in the treatment and prevention of various conditions.

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Acupuncture, a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine involving stimulating specific body points, typically by inserting needles into the skin to treat health conditions, has been utilized for the past 2,500 years by practitioners all over the globe. Today, acupuncture remains the most prevalent form of traditional medicine practice, with the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledging its benefits for various health conditions.

Raphie Rose,

Raphaella Rose Chiaramonte, also fondly called Raphie Rose by her clients, has dedicated ten years to mastering the ancient healing practice to promote holistic wellness, particularly in pain management, sports injury treatment and prevention, and musculoskeletal disorders treatment. The licensed acupuncturist also specializes in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety, skin disorders, fertility issues, respiratory issues, and the side effects of chemotherapy.

As acupuncture emerged as an effective and non-invasive method in treating various sports injuries, it has been a sought-after method for short-term and long-term pain relief. Many of Raphie’s clients are athletes dealing with sports-related injuries, such as sports hernias, knee injuries, shoulder and rotator cuff disorders, low back and hip, and ganglion cysts. From basketball players struggling with ankle sprains to soccer players suffering from sports hernias, Raphie helps them manage discomfort and facilitate their journey to recovery.

Raphie Rose treating a client with acupuncture

What makes Raphie stand out as an acupuncturist, aside from her extensive experience in diverse areas of specialization, is her ability to understand her patients’ lifestyles on a personal level, allowing her to provide them with the best service. Based in west LA, California, Raphie recognizes the problems of modern society concerning stressful and demanding lifestyles, especially those hailing from the entertainment and fashion industries. After all, upon obtaining a bachelor's degree in Communications at New York University and a master's degree in Media Studies at Sussex University, Raphie herself worked in the fashion industry as a publicist.

Experiencing the intense demands of school, work, and life, Raphie has been an avid yoga practitioner from her teenage years to adulthood. Driven by her passion for cultivating her fascination with physical and emotional wellness, she delved into multiple fields within yoga and Eastern medicine. In 2015, Raphie became a certificated yoga instructor. Three years later, she earned her master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Emperor's College in Santa Monica. She has also since then gained certifications in Advanced Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture and Trigger Point Acupuncture.

Raphie Rose, Certified Yoga Instructor

Raphie remarked, "My yoga practice informs my acupuncture, and my acupuncture informs my yoga practice. It's how I understand the body. It's also how I treat people." As a holistic healthcare professional, Raphie offers various other services, such as microneedling for rejuvenation and blood flow improvement and fire cupping for pain relief and detoxification. She also provides Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions and helps clients balance Yin and Yang with medical diet therapy and supplement recommendations. Raphie, empowered by her mission to help people relieve their symptoms and conditions through acupuncture, opened her own office space in May of 2023, welcoming individuals from all walks of life to experience the wonders of acupuncture therapy.

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