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Flux Appoints Darren Williams, Renowned AI Visionary and Accomplished Serial Entrepreneur, as Chief AI Officer

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Darren Williams appointed as Chief AI Officer at Flux.

Pune, India, 11/21/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Flux, a global provider of decentralized cloud infrastructure, has today announced the appointment of Darren Williams as Chief AI Officer. With a stellar record of building disruptive technologies and driving business growth across different sectors, Mr. Williams brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial success and innovation required to lead Flux advancements into Artificial Intelligence.

His dynamic leadership and strategic vision have also consistently propelled projects to new heights, making him a natural fit for this pivotal role.

In his new role as Chief AI Officer at Flux, Darren Williams will spearhead AI development initiatives and the onboarding of new products in the ecosystem. This is especially important as Flux continues to widen its scope of operations to incorporate new and emerging technologies in achieving its vision of a decentralized future owned by the people.

Darren has more than 20 years of business leadership experience and a remarkable portfolio of successfully founding and exiting five companies, generating over $10 million in his professional career. He has also bagged 16 awards, including the British Chamber of Commerce National Award for Innovation through Technology, awarded by Dell.

In 2005, Darren founded "Harland Corp," a multi-award-winning business that emerged as a powerhouse in the online hair and beauty industry. Despite navigating the challenges of a recession, Harland Corp experienced a 73% growth rate and won multiple awards. Darren's leadership also saw the company dispatching over 10,000 products monthly to 37 countries worldwide.

In 2016, demonstrating remarkable foresight even before the AI hype began, Darren founded Cody.Ai. Here, the focus was on developing the first voice AI shopping assistant, heralding a new era in online shopping. The AI assistant engaged users in two-way conversations, suggesting products based on individual online shopping behavior, personal style, and interests. This pioneering venture laid the foundation for future innovations in the AI industry.

"As Flux embarks on its journey into the future of decentralized cloud infrastructure and artificial intelligence, I am excited to lead the charge in pushing the boundaries of innovation. Together, we will harness the power of AI to propel Flux to new heights and contribute to the realization of a decentralized future owned by the people."

— Darren Williams, Chief AI Officer, Flux

As Chief AI Officer at Flux, Darren Williams brings his wealth of experience and visionary leadership to drive AI development initiatives. His role extends beyond Flux’s ecosystem, resonating with his commitment to shape a decentralized future where AI and innovation serve everyone.

"With Darren Williams steering as our Chief AI Officer, Flux gains an unmatched leader. Darren's track record of entrepreneurial triumphs and strategic foresight in the AI space, seamlessly align with our mission to shape a decentralized future. His appointment signifies a pivotal leap forward as we stride towards unparalleled advancements in artificial intelligence within the dynamic Flux ecosystem and the Web3 industry."

— Daniel Keller, Co-founder, Flux

About Flux

The Flux Web3 cloud is a decentralized computing service and blockchain-as-a-service solution, offering an interoperable and decentralized development environment similar to AWS or Google Cloud. Flux utilizes a native POW (Proof-of-Work) coin to power this ecosystem, providing incentives for hardware hosters, on-chain governance, and bad actor mitigation via staking requirements for running hardware. The Flux operating system runs on top of Linux to provide the network with verified and benchmarked high-availability compute power and utilizes the blockchain to ensure transparency in governance operations. Flux Cloud is the world's largest and most decentralized cloud infrastructure.

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