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Sabine Hill Expands Line of Natural Stone Sourced From Around the World

Last updated Tuesday, November 21, 2023 13:11 ET

It brings modern and versatile stones turned into mosaics, tiles, sinks, moldings, fireplaces, and more.

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Sabine Hill, the leading manufacturer of tiles and stones, is pleased to share that it has expanded its line of natural stone sourced from around the world. Sabine Hill cement tiles are suitable for floor coverings and walls in residential and commercial projects. They are so versatile that they can be used for both exteriors and interiors of the property. The company has an extensive selection of in-stock tiles in the country. Anything which is not available in stock can be considered custom. Customers can also choose from standard designs in sinks and fireplaces.

Sabine Hill was started by Lyndsey and Jeff Glasener, who come with 50 years of combined experience in the tile/stone industry.
Sabine Hill

Sabine Hill sources its natural stones from various countries. Since these stones are a direct product of nature, there will be color variations. That is what makes these stones distinct and unique. These natural variations can appear in markings, veining, fossils, pits, chips, shadings, and other characteristics. The stones are available in polished, honed, tumbled, chiseled, pillowed, and brushed finishes.

The natural stone blocks come from Mexico, Spain, Italy, and the USA. The master artisans at Sabine Hill turn these stones into tiles, sinks, fireplaces, moldings, and mosaics. The options are literally endless. Designers, landscapers, and architects can customize the stones and cement tiles per their design requirements. From slate to granite, travertine to marble, there are so many types of stones to choose from. Natural stone moldings are both aesthetic and functional and are specifically used for ceilings and walls. They are mostly found in historic buildings, and homeowners prefer this stone to bring a vintage touch to their spaces.

Apart from natural stone, the company has various cement tiles available in many colors, patterns, and sizes. These tiles are adaptable to any design requirement. Whether for interior applications, such as walls, ceilings, and floors, or specific areas like bathroom walls, dining room floors, kitchen backsplash, living room floors, stairs, fireplaces, library, entryway, and more, these cement tiles enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. They can also be used for wet areas, including showers. But for added safety, customers might want to opt for the slip-resistant range.

Additionally, cement tiles are the perfect solution for commercial spaces, designed for floors, walls, and even ceilings in various settings such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, spas, offices, and retail stores. These tiles are cost-effective, durable, and easy to maintain. Customers can design their own cement tiles with the help of a design tool on the website. It is as easy as selecting a pattern and choosing a color. A preview is available in a 16-tile layout to give an idea of the final look. The tool also allows users to change the layout for different installation options.

Sabine Hill has recently opened a new outlet in Hartland, WI. It welcomes customers to browse through its expansive range of offerings, including natural stone, cement tiles, ceramics, terracotta, European wood, hand-carved stone, porcelain, water-jet, vanities, wallpapers, sinks, fireplaces, bathroom accessories, and many more. Its collection is meticulously sourced from the finest quarries and factories worldwide to ensure excellent quality.

To learn more, visit https://www.sabinehill.com/.

About Sabine Hill

Sabine Hill was started by Lyndsey and Jeff Glasener, who come with 50 years of combined experience in the tile/stone industry. The company celebrates 10 years in business and offers more than 50 designs and 400 patterns, with recent additions in its 3-dimensional line and French Pavers categories. Sabine Hill has partnered with a Caribbean-based factory that has been making tiles for over seven decades in its massive facility, with a production capacity of over 4000 handmade tiles manufactured per day.



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