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WasteX Announces FREE Quote, Sign, and Schedule Service With WasteX Medical Waste Disposal Service Agreement

Last updated Tuesday, November 21, 2023 13:18 ET

It offers complimentary online compliance training programs for employees at clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and other medical facilities.

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WasteX takes pride in being the only company in the industry to offer a FREE Quote, Sign, and Schedule Service on all online biomedical waste disposal requests. Every medical waste disposal service agreement includes a complimentary online compliance training program. The program ensures full compliance with the following services:

  • HIPAA & OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training for All Employees

  • Medical Waste Operating Plan in Accordance with 64E-16, Administrative Code

  • Employee Medical Waste Handling Training Completed and Documented in Compliance With Administrative Code (Required Annually)

  • Maintenance of Records for Medical Waste Disposal Manifests for 36 Months

  • Proper Disposal Procedures for All Medical Waste and Sharps at the Point of Origin

  • Red Bag Requirements Meet 64E-16.004(c) and Florida Administrative Code

  • Medical Waste Protocols: Sharps Containers Sealed at 75% Full; Medical Waste Labeled With International Biohazard Symbol; Impermeable Container Usage

  • Proper Storage Procedures, Including Restricted Access, Impervious Floor, and Proper Outdoor Storage Areas

  • Labeling of the Medical Waste, Including Generator’s Name and Address

  • Transfer of Medical Waste, Including Sealing at the Point of Origin for a Licensed Transporter to Collect for Treatment

WasteX offers medical waste disposal services for more than 5,000 dental and medical offices.

WasteX services include biohazard waste management, biomedical waste disposal, sharps waste disposal, and pharmaceutical waste disposal. The company strives to offer the most competitive prices in the industry. Its prices vary based on the kind of medical waste disposal requests, the quantity, and the frequency of the service. There are no hidden charges in its monthly fees.

In order to encourage proper disposal at the source itself, the company has introduced complimentary online compliance training for facilities that are already using WasteX services. It has its own HIPAA, OSHA, DOT, HAZCOM, and Bloodborne Pathogen training platform. Its training software is designed to meet the unique needs of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, research centers, and medical facilities. So far, the company has helped these facilities save up to $30,000 per year on training expenses with the help of its platform. WasteX training is available for all the staff members who are responsible for segregating and disposing of waste in their facility.

Proper disposal of medical waste is of utmost importance. Improper handling can spread dangerous diseases and put the community at risk. The online compliance training is the first step to ensuring efficient medical waste management and handling. Continued compliance and training programs are also a must, as they help the staff keep themselves abreast of changing scenarios. WasteX services come with a complimentary training program that meets the OSHA standards. The teams will be updated on the best practices currently being followed in the industry. There are so many recent updates and facts that the staff will come across in their training.

Facilities that generate biohazardous, biomedical, and infectious waste must understand the responsibilities and regulations that come with proper disposal of waste. WasteX services are designed to help facilities handle medical waste safely in doctor’s offices, clinics, and laboratories. Controlled disposal of such waste is important for the health of the employees and patients visiting the facilities. The same applies to pharmaceutical waste, which, when not handled properly, can result in hefty fines, not to mention the negative impact on the environment and the community. WasteX pharmaceutical waste receptacles are easy to maintain. They are emptied as frequently as the companies need them to be. Call the office today to get a free quote and save 25% on medical waste disposal services.

For more information and answers to WasteX FAQs, visit https://www.medwastex.com/.

About WasteX

WasteX offers medical waste disposal services for more than 5,000 dental and medical offices. It provides 100% free quotes in under 10 seconds, with 25% guaranteed savings. Its wide range of services includes biohazard waste management, biomedical waste disposal, pharmaceutical waste disposal, medical waste disposal, and sharps waste disposal. Started in 1997, WasteX has been offering HIPAA & OSHA compliance and medical waste disposal services.



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