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TinyChain redefines the software development landscape with an all-in-one cloud service platform

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TinyChain fills the gaps brought by the need for an ever-growing "stack" of support software by replacing it with a single cloud service platform.

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The cloud market has witnessed unprecedented growth over the last decade and more so in the past three years, driven by increased demand from the COVID-19 lockdowns and work-from-anywhere setup. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella expressed the situation best, "We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months." According to Foundry's 2023 Cloud Computing Study, 81 percent of organizations utilized cloud computing in their daily operations, with 55 percent using more than one cloud service. However, 79 percent of these multi-cloud adopters experienced challenges.

One of the issues multi-cloud users have encountered is management complexity. Because most cloud vendors have their own languages, technologies, services, and interfaces, working with several at once means the organization's information technology (IT) team has to manage more resources because there is no standard runtime for cloud services. This circumstance leads to multiple other issues, such as the need for cloud management expertise, cost overhead, security risks, duplicate efforts, and performance inconsistencies.

Haydn Vestal, CEO of TinyChain, recognized the gaps in using the services of multiple cloud providers, especially in enterprise cloud services. He started TinyChain, a single platform for cloud services, in 2020 as an open-source project. It addresses the issues he encountered over two decades of cloud software development.

A single cloud environment significantly reduces the IT team's burden from an ever-growing stack of software and hardware resources. Businesses can also benefit from interoperability, allowing for smooth communication and connectivity with partners and stakeholders. TinyChain services are also easy to distribute to customers even if they are running in a different data center or public cloud provider, which is important for compliance with data privacy regulations. TinyChain also helps maintain service quality, improve visibility and security, and minimize costs and operational overhead.

TinyChain offers developers, data scientists, and executives a unique value proposition, enabling them to develop, deploy, and scale in the fastest and easiest way possible. The startup is currently raising a pre-seed funding round and is looking for investors and enterprises aiming to diversify their portfolios. The CEO remarked, "TinyChain aims to make cloud software work like smartphone apps. Our killer feature is portability. Any TinyChain service will run on any TinyChain cluster with almost zero configuration.”

With a single piece of software providing all the basic building blocks needed to build and run a cloud service, developers can prototype an internet-scale application while minimizing tedious manual coding time. They can also split it into microservices and scale without rewriting, as TinyChain offers a mesh network for microservices with automatic cross-service transactions.

In addition, data scientists can analyze live data on the same platform as the application that manages it. In other words, customer data no longer has to leave the platform that authorizes access to it. This feature addresses the growing concerns regarding mainstream artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platforms and their shortcomings in data ownership and accounting.

Vestal stated, "With TinyChain, there's no need to make copies of customer data for analysis, which can easily be compromised or lost.” Executives can also reduce operational risk as TinyChain is the only cloud service platform designed from the ground up to comply with data privacy and residencies like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“As the Web3 landscape evolves, enterprises look for ways to optimize their operations with blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The problem is that most of them are incompatible with privacy regulations like the CCPA and GDPR. For example, storing data in the Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple blockchains means that data will stay there forever. We developed TinyChain with compliance with compliance in mind. This means we can prune a blockchain of PII [personally identifiable information] in compliance with users' requests,” the CEO explained.

With TinyChain, the days of building an ever-growing "stack" of support software are over as it eliminates the "glue code" holding traditional cloud services together by providing the same functionality in a single, smaller package. Ultimately, the portable cloud service runtime promises to make cloud services faster, more reliable, and more cost-efficient, providing end users with the best customer experience.

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