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Uplevel U: Music Elevates Our Teachers’ Continuing Music Education And Well-Being

Last updated Friday, November 24, 2023 19:06 ET

Uplevel U: Music, a program under the umbrella of "Music Room," is designed to empower music teachers, college music majors, and advanced music students.

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Music teachers often find themselves seeking continuous professional development to enhance their skills and stay attuned to the needs and requests of their students. Uplevel U: Music, a pioneering initiative under the “Music Room” umbrella, offers a unique blend of professional development and wellness resources tailored to specific educational challenges.

Uplevel U: Music by Music Room

Uplevel U: Music is more than just a repository of online courses; it’s a comprehensive program designed to empower music teachers, college music majors, and advanced music students. Recognizing the limitations of traditional music education, the programs fill crucial knowledge gaps and address specialized topics often overlooked due to time constraints. These topics include: How to Increase Retention In Your Music Program, The 12 Most Challenging Issues in Piano Pedagogy, How To Teach Musicality and Expression, and many more.

Karen Janiszewski, the creator of Uplevel U: Music and owner of Music Room, envisions it as a haven for music teachers seeking both professional resources and personal support. With a deep understanding of the demanding and often unhealthy lifestyle of educators, Janiszewski emphasizes the importance of caring for teachers, making this course a personalized resource center that goes beyond mere commercial interests.

The fragility of music education in the US is a critical backdrop against which this program shines. These challenges include limited workshop opportunities, travel requirements for conferences, and a lack of specialized resources, leaving teachers grappling with how to equip themselves to better serve their students. Uplevel U: Music offers on-demand online classes, enabling teachers to access relevant content from the comfort of their own homes.

Janiszewski's journey from a classroom teacher managing more students than she could handle to becoming a studio teacher herself forms the foundation of Music Room and Uplevel U: Music. From her childhood years of struggling with piano and orchestral string technique due to inadequate teaching methods, she has tested different teaching strategies for maximum effectiveness, not unlike thorough experimentation. As a result, she developed multiple foolproof systems of instruction, such as efficient songwriting and music arranging, and the gamification of music theory instruction.

Music Room’s commitment to individualized care and wellness extends to the duration of its challenges, ranging from 4 to 12 weeks. Uplevel U: Music, offered on-demand, allows teachers to self-pace their learning, in some cases exceeding 20 hours of instruction.

Beyond its immediate goals, Uplevel U: Music seeks to become a household name among music teachers. Janiszewski's passion for providing support and care to educators resonates in her statement, "I come with a teacher mindset. I know what their lifestyle is like. It's not the easiest, it's not the healthiest. Let's find something that works for teachers." This ethos positions Uplevel U: Music as more than just an educational platform but as a lifeline for those shaping the future of music education.

As a subdepartment of "Music Room," which has been a cornerstone in music education since 1960, by the original founder Carl Bessing, Karen Janiszewski carries forward a legacy of commitment to educational excellence. She aims to expand Uplevel U: Music's offerings and reach, making it accessible to any English speaker with plans for worldwide translations to broaden its impact globally.

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