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Beyond charity: How Sustainable Access Foundation helps changemakers empower communities

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Sustainable Access Foundation (SAF), founded by Dr. Danika Tynes, initiates co-creative collaborations with local organizations for global community development efforts.

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Sustainable Access Foundation (SAF), an innovative, non-profit organization, is set to make the world a better place by investing in community-driven initiatives in developing economies to remove barriers and empower underserved communities. Founded by Dr. Danika Tynes in 2022, the SAF's vision is to help communities worldwide have access to resources that will enable them to thrive and unlock their limitless potential.

The non-profit organization collaborates with changemakers (i.e., small businesses or community-based organizations that champion community-driven development) that seek support, guidance, and resources to create sustainable value and solutions for future generations. While studying industrial and organizational psychology and international development and later working in the corporate and healthcare spheres for over 20 years, Dr. Tynes observed that developed countries invest more in efficiency than progress, overlooking the broader picture of consciously solving persistent social challenges through community engagement and dialogue. Driven by the question, what if we all had access? The global change leader was motivated to establish SAF.

Enthralled with the culture and resilience of the people in Uganda, SAF is currently collaborating with changemakers in the area. One of its projects includes the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) biotech training project in partnership with Ento Organic Farm Limited (EOF). It aims to solve the problem of food insecurity and lack of economic opportunity for rural families in Uganda by training them in waste recycling and agriculture, leveraging BSF technology. The three-day practical training aims to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge to create sustainable livelihoods. With the SAF's investment in this project, the community was able to establish 12 production units and recycle 5,200 kilograms of waste into valuable fertilizer in only eight weeks. The SAF Black Soldier Fly project is set to generate over 400 more jobs by 2024, this led the CEO of Ento Organic Farm, Martin Tenywa, to be awarded the Microsoft accelerator pitch award.

Another endeavor that the SAF advocated for is the Mugga Legacy Village Baseline Assessment. In collaboration with the Bavubuka Foundation, this project aims to generate a development roadmap based upon the community's input to provide a new generation of young leaders in Uganda, and eventually, all of Africa, with holistic programs centered around community, engagement, entrepreneurship, digital skills and web literacy, financial literacy, cultural preservation, and climate change adaptation. The intended outcome of this project is to pave the way for employment, especially for the youth.

The SAF also worked with the Bandera Farmers Network International (BAFANI) to solve the issue of local farmers needing more space for producing, processing, and quality control of their agricultural products. It is worth noting that Uganda has only one government-owned agro-processing and production center, limiting their access. This limitation leads to the farmers' inability to meet national and international quality control standards, reducing their market share and profitability. The project, therefore, intends to establish an agro-processing and skilling training center in the Kamuli district to help increase opportunities for in-country market share and, eventually, global export.

The relatively new non-profit organization accomplished significant milestones within only ten months of operations, positively impacting over 250 families, launching 11 community ideas, and raising $75,000 in efforts to provide access to underprivileged communities worldwide. This highlights the SAF’s massive impact on shaping a more inclusive future for emerging economies. In addition, the organization is building a sustainable network model in line with its plan for expansion in 2024. With this, the Sustainable Access Foundation underlines its commitment to making a lasting impact on underserved communities by collaborating with local organizations that aim to create sustainable solutions for society’s overall development.

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