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Certified Contractor Seeks Federal Partners to Implement Innovative Bed and Bath Linen Solution

Last updated Wednesday, November 29, 2023 14:27 ET

Frontline Support Solutions knows federal agencies are the right fit for their innovative and sustainable linens, aiming to make Pürlin a staple during natural disasters and in hospitals.

San Antonio, Texas, 11/29/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jose Perez leads Frontline Support Solutions on a mission to revolutionize the linens industry and has a significant impact on the federal government space. The company actively seeks partnerships with federal agencies such as FEMA and the Department of Health and Human Services for their sustainable and innovative products, Pürlin Linens.

Pürlin Linens is more than a bedding solution; it signifies a paradigm shift in how people perceive and buy linens. Perez emphasizes the product's superiority and offers a sustainable alternative to standard linens by manufacturing them in North America to reduce their environmental impact and minimize supply chain problems. The linens aim to break the more than the century-old process of washing linens, providing a direct hypoallergenic alternative that saves resources such as water, electricity, labor, etc.

Not only are the linens designed for sustainability, but they are also strategically manufactured. Frontline Support Solutions produces these linens within North America, which significantly reduces the environmental impact associated with shipping from overseas markets and is more reliably sourced. The company is seeking collaborations with major federal agencies such as FEMA, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security.

Perez's story highlights the importance of hard work and determination in the success of Frontline Support Solutions, acknowledging the challenges faced by the business during the pandemic and manufacturers' inability to fulfill orders. By focusing on the long-term benefits of their linens, Perez hopes to continue his success and contribute to Frontline Support Solutions' success.

What sets Pürlin apart? They are products that are one-time, single-person use linens that are disposed of. Then they are captured for recycling. This process involves de-milling and melting down the linen waste, filtering it, and extruding it back into raw material, PET pellets. The end result is a product that not only offers a sustainable alternative but also challenges traditional norms regarding the cost of using linens. Perez aims to shift the existing paradigm from a maintenance-oriented process to one where a user gets new, fresh, clean linens each time they lay their head down. The benefits of this greatly reduce the risk of cross-contamination issues and work in concert with a hospital’s infection control program.

Frontline Support Solutions advocates for a more environmentally friendly future. Pürlin Linens are not only intended to replace an existing system but were created as a truly sustainable solution for natural disasters and the healthcare industry. Waste materials can be made into new linens or repurposed into any other PET product. This comprehensive approach to sustainability showcases Perez's commitment to leaving a positive impact on both the market and the environment.

As Frontline Support Solutions actively seeks federal partners, Perez is confident that agencies like FEMA and Health and Human Services are the right fit for the product and align with the organization's overarching goals. Through strategic partnerships, Perez envisions Pürlin Linens becoming a staple in federal facilities, introducing a shift in thinking and projecting a solution that disrupts current, ineffective norms.

Frontline Support Solutions is leading a movement towards sustainable, eco-friendly practices in the linen industry. The quest for federal partnerships is more than a business move; it's a strategic step towards reshaping an industry and contributing to a healthier, greener, and beneficial future.

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