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Sattler College Has Created A Revolutionary Approach To Eliminating Tuition Through Entrustment

Last updated Wednesday, November 29, 2023 14:27 ET

Sattler College, a nonprofit in Boston, has eliminated tuition payments through Entrustment to address student debt.

Boston, Massachusetts, 11/29/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Sattler College, a small nonprofit college based in Boston, takes a visionary step to address the increasing burden of student debt. The college eliminates tuition payments through Entrustment. This innovative model aims to provide students with a top-tier education and foster spiritual growth and commitment to Christian values.

Sattler College's mission centers on the Three C's: Core Curriculum, Christian Character, and Cost. The Core Curriculum focuses on academic excellence, offering rigorous courses. Christian Character, on the other hand, emphasizes mentorship and community, with small class sizes fostering academic success and character development. The last C –Cost– is addressed by eliminating tuition through Entrustment, making accommodations affordable, and aiming to make education accessible to a broader demographic, especially those from economically challenged backgrounds.

Sattler College envisions its graduates as more than just degree holders. The college pictures these students as individuals who will further contribute meaningfully to society. This includes starting a business, engaging in ministry, pursuing missionary work, or even planting churches.

"We're investing in our students so that they can commit to a life of service and generosity," says President Zack Johnson. This investment is reflected in the Entrustment model, where tuition is fully funded in exchange for a commitment to Kingdom Service and Financial Gratitude. Students are encouraged to contribute to the Kingdom of God with their lives, engaging in service within their communities, churches, organizations, or businesses.

The college's commitment to character development goes beyond academics, ensuring that students meet weekly in small groups to hold each other accountable to goals set in various areas of life.

Sattler College's location in downtown Boston proves advantageous, providing students with proximity to major universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Boston University. This strategic positioning allows students to attend lectures of prominent scholars and network with peers from various institutions, enhancing their overall educational experience.

The Entrustment model is a significant step towards making education more accessible. The college encourages a "Give It Forward" ethos, urging alumni and supporters to contribute what they can to ensure future generations benefit from the same opportunities.

The college’s vision is clear: to build a robust class, believing that this innovative approach will significantly increase enrollment and improve the outcomes of students. As Sattler College celebrates the success stories of its graduates, including those pursuing medical school, seminary, teaching, and various professional careers, it underscores the effectiveness of its unique approach to education.

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