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Record-Breaking $700,000 Verdict by Mezrano Law Firm Redefines Justice in Personal Injury Cases

Last updated Thursday, November 30, 2023 10:57 ET

Mezrano Law Firm has won a record-breaking verdict in a personal injury case involving a client's mental health, a testament to the firm's commitment to justice and fair compensation

Birmingham, Alabama, 11/30/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

The Mezrano Law Firm, one of the top personal injury law firms in Alabama, has secured a record-breaking $700,000 verdict in Franklin County, eclipsing the previous benchmark of a $550,000 medical malpractice case. The case centered around a 19-year-old client who, despite suffering injuries in a collision with an underinsured driver, exhibited exceptional resilience. Following the incident, she underwent a dozen chiropractic visits, opting for no further medical treatment. Astonishingly, she not only graduated with honors but also pursued law school, achieving a place on the law review and top-performing associate in her legal career.

The narrative took a turn six years post-accident when the client sought therapy and was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Despite attending many telehealth counseling sessions, she discontinued treatment in August. With the underinsured driver's $25,000 policy limit exhausted and the Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist carrier waiving its claim, the case proceeded to trial. The jury, despite a significant difference between diagnosis and treatment and a pretrial offer of $7,000, deliberated for less than 35 minutes before reaching an unsurpassed verdict.

Lead counsel Steven Mezrano, alongside fellow Edge lawyers Leah Johnson and Brent Crumpton, spearheaded the trial, setting a new standard for personal injury cases in Franklin County. This accomplishment underscores the Mezrano Law Firm's unwavering commitment to justice and fair compensation for its clients, solidifying its reputation as a legal powerhouse.

Established over 15 years ago, the Mezrano Law Firm has consistently demonstrated its dedication to its clients. Steven Mezrano, the firm's owner, expressed his motivation, stating, "It's not just the bills that they need to pay towards getting procedures done. It’s the long-term costs that are an effect of such trauma," He emphasized the broader impact on individuals' lives, including their ability to work, travel, and access ongoing therapy.

Mezrano's approach goes beyond monetary compensation. He seeks answers to why or how a client's life has been affected, aiming to address the holistic impact of an incident. In this case, with a focus on mental health, the attorney's priority is ensuring the complete healing of the client—both physically and mentally. He argues that justice should not solely focus on financial restitution but should also aim to make a tangible impact on the client's life.

Mezrano believes that the legal profession's emphasis on "getting your life back on track" should be redirected towards meaningful transformation. The jury's swift and resounding verdict suggests a shared belief in the firm's commitment to providing comprehensive support, transcending the traditional boundaries of legal representation.

Beyond the courtroom, Steven Mezrano has been actively giving back to underprivileged communities. He provides Christmas and Thanksgiving meals, and partners with radio stations to distribute essential items.

This historic case, as well as the firm's long standing community involvement, highlight their role as advocates for justice and compassion in both the legal and societal spheres.

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